Do atheists believe in astrology or in any other ancient superstitions?

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Love Yahoo!!! wannabe a princess

Even many Christians do, so…..

Feathered Serpent

Some do, i don’t.


Generally, no.

Basement Cat

I don’t, but I do enjoy the stories behind them.

Dr. Rjinswand

Not this one.

Scientific Pandeist

Astrology = BullSh*t
Today something will happen that will make you wonder about why it happened…


Atheism means no gods. It means nothing more than that.
You should ask this question of rational thinkers, not atheists.
And rational thinkers summarily dismiss magic, pseudosciences like astrology and numerology, and superstition.
@FRANKIE “It is not Christians who fill the purses of astrologers, fortune tellers, tarot card readers, mediums etc. That being said it must be the atheists”
HA! What planet are YOU from?


Some do.
Atheist means ONLY a lack of belief in any deity.

Stefan Nicolas M

Just because you dont believe in God doesnt mean you dont have any beliefs at all… Personally, im pretty ignorant to all things


It is not Christians who fill the purses of astrologers, fortune tellers, tarot card readers, mediums etc. That being said it must be the atheists.
Any ‘Christians’ who do these things are probably not actually Christians. They might be church goers but they are not believers in God’s word because it is clear what God has to say on these subjects.


Not me.

mike necro

not me


Some do, but I don’t know why, 🙂

Tiedye D

I believe only in science and what can be proven.


Why would anyone believe that your life and events in it have anything to do with the relative placement of humongous balls of burning plasma at the time of your birth? Or furthermore, that what happens today can be affected by chunks of rock flying through arbitrarily drawn designs between the above-mentioned gas balls?

Beletje_vos AM + VT

I used to be interested in astrology and believed it to be quite accurate. It wasn’t until a college course that showed me two different versions of astrology that I looked into it and found it to be pseudoscience. All the accuracies I found were no more than coincidences and me dismissing all the things/predictions that didn’t happen (a common tactic by people who wish something to be true. Such as when listening to a “psychic” they dismiss all that was wrong and count only what was right and claim the “psychic” to be real and amazing).
I’ve learned to be even more skeptical since then. I can’t put trust in silly stuff like that.


Some of us have more respect and tolerance for earth-based religions such as Wicca or other pagan religions, but not belief.

Evil Pascal Boyer

Not those atheists, whose atheism is the direct consequence of their rationality.


How can anyone possibly know what all atheists believe about a subject unrelated to atheism?

andy e

I am sure some do but most atheists are intelligent and/or well educated so they will not believe in nonsense.


Christians believe in more or less anything, despite what their bibles tell them.


Astrology isn’t a superstition my friend.
Astro – meaning the star
*logy – meaning science or theory
Astrology is exactly that, the science or theory of the stars. You have a great question, just posed it in a way I think may be a little misleading.


Hi there… Hope this helps (sources Wikipedia and encyclopedia Britannica)
(a)Atheists are of the belief that deities(God) do not exist.
Atheists may also share common skeptical concerns regarding supernatural claims, citing a lack of scientific evidence. But this is not imperative to being an atheist.
(b)Astrologers believe that the movements and positions of celestial bodies either directly influence life on Earth or correspond somehow to events experienced on a human scale.
So to answer your question. Although they are not entirely compatible, as astrology is not a God based belief there’s no reason why an atheist should not believe in it. In fact Atheists can believe in any superstition just so long as there is no form of deity attached to it.


Astrology is not a superstition. It has been around a whole lot longer than Christianity and many of the pre-christian religions use astrology.
Not having a belief in God has nothing to do with a belief in anything else.
There are atheists that believe and study the stars and then there are those that do not.


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