Home Discussion Forum Do atheists appear gray to people who can see auras?

Do atheists appear gray to people who can see auras?


  1. No grey with some dark areas.
    I didn’t know what Aura were when I was 12 but see colors like everday life. I still do and it freaks it out, but it helps to know who I should hang around with.
    I see a white glow around spiritual people I notice. Or when am sad I see dark areas or around confused people.

  2. What has religion to do with auras. It’s more of a spiritual thing.
    I didn’t think believers in god believed in auras.

  3. The gifts of the spirit are difficult to explain/communicate.
    The glow of a righteous man/women is distinguishable from that of the common.
    Sincerity of heart in all things is key to understanding.
    I hope that helped.

  4. I don’t personally don’t know anyone who can see auras and had to look this word up in Wikipedia. I suppose anything outside of God (such as unbelief) is a gray area to me(meaning I wouldn’t go there), but it all depends on the person and what they believe.


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