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Do atheist close their eye and think dnt worry there is no God?

I mean how many years will they fight with their subconscious mind and deny every otherthng of the world whch they dnt understand


  1. Nope, my eyes are wide open and I know for a fact that your god is imaginary. Like all the others.
    Closing one’s eyes is something that theists do. They close their eyes to the reality that is the universe and keep chanting “god did it” over and over ad nauseum.
    Oh and for the record, Yahoo provides, free of charge, a nice spell checker. Use it.
    Your pitiful grammar however, will require actual education so I guess you’re out of luck there.

  2. Actually I feel I have a better understanding of the world without god than I would with him/her/it.
    No closing of the eyes required. I don’t close my eyes for your god any more than you close your eyes for the other thousands of gods people do/used to believe in.

  3. There are lots of things I don’t understand about the world.
    The only difference is that I accept that I don’t understand them, I work to try and understand them, and I don’t invent a deity to help explain them.

  4. We open our eyes so that we may actually understand the world instead of closing them and say ‘goddidit!’ at everything we don’t YET understand.

  5. I am aware of things i don’t understand. I have no fucking idea how the universe came to be. It’s just that i don’t see why god should be the default explanation, I mean, every time somebody said “god does this”, someone, perhaps centuries later, proved him to be wrong.

  6. Do Christians close their eye and think “don’t worry there is no Hades?”
    I mean, how many years will they fight with their subconscious mind and deny every other thing of the world which they don’t understand?

  7. If this is your true opinion, then I must say that you simply do not understand. There is no “struggle” in most atheists.
    Creating an alternate reality with fictional things based of “feelings” is a sign of immaturity or even mental disturbance.

  8. lol Religion. Both Atheism and Christianity/Judaism/Islam and etc. are all based on theory. Big Bang THEORY, and Religious THEORY, there is a reason that word is put at the end.

  9. I understand the world perfectly.
    Magic doesn’t cause disease, bacteria and viruses do.
    “Abracadabra” can’t create, but we can.

  10. I have no doubt there is no god….
    Why would I worry?
    Even if there was a god it would not be the sadistic megalomaniacal tyrannical bronze age warrior king talk about in the Bible.

  11. Actually, it’s opening your eyes and seeing reality that works for us.
    You should try it…and learn some spelling, too.

  12. No reason to close your eyes. I keep mine wide open all day, every day, and I’ve never seen any God. How many years will you fight with your subconscious mind and indulge in wishful thinking?

  13. Your kidding, right?
    It was in good part examining information about the world and the cosmos which led me to atheism.
    Studying the bible and its history supplied much of the rest.
    My subconscious is not shouting that god in general, or any deity in particular, exists.
    What things about the world do you think point *unequivocally* to the existence of god?
    You may have not realised the same facts may also sit quite comfortably within an atheistic framework, seen from that point of view.

  14. No, that’s just a comforting lie your church tells.
    Many of us were once devout Christians, some have even been to seminary or divinity school. Don’t tell us that we “don’t understand.”

  15. I don’t have to close my eyes in order to dismiss god’s existence. It only takes about 5 minutes of thought before the whole ridiculous idea begins to crumble. Something you’ve obviously never attempted.
    Ur speling is atrocious, by the way.

  16. No- it was my subconscious that led me to examine Christianity and other superstitions. It was the eyes opening examination that led me to reject Christianity with all other superstitions. It was then I turned to the rational for explanations of ‘Life, the Universe and Everything’. Only science and philosophy (true philosophy based on rational argument not guesswork that some call ‘their philosophy’) have any answers that are credible.

  17. It’s not about sitting there plugging your ears like “Lalalalala, there is no god, lalalalala”.
    The fact is, it doesn’t matter if there is or isn’t a god. I don’t do the things I do because I expect some kind of reward (ie: heaven) or don’t do something because I fear punishment (ie: hell). I live my life according to what I feel is the right and responsible thing to do. I don’t do drugs, drink, or smoke. I’ve never been arrested and I donate plasma twice a week because it goes to a good cause and makes me feel good about myself.
    In general (as in non extremist situations) I think that religion can help certain people who think they need guidance in their lives. I, personally, don’t need that and I live a happy and healthy life without it. If you think that makes me blind, there’s nothing I can do to change your mind. I know that I’m happy and that I will live my life to its fullest and to the best of my ability irregardless if there is or isn’t a god.

  18. that’s the point, we do understand. our understanding of nature and the universe is superior to the ignorant superstitious prehistoric men that invented god.
    early humans invented god because they ”dnt” understand, we dismiss the concept of god because we do understand.
    there’s no battle going on in my mind, it is as clear as a bright sunny day.

  19. Actually Yes, my eyes are completely shut NOT with the way you see it but in frustration of reading your poor grammar and spelling.
    If there was a God you think he would create morons like yourself? Absolutely not! So, since there is no God, what I do worry about is running into people like you and becoming more dumb having read or heard or to hear statements such as yours.

  20. No. My eyes are quite open and receptive to reality.
    And you know what, I really hate some of the atheists on here that insult people because they believe in Jesus or Shiva or Blue Fairies. Their belief in a deity is not evidence of their stupidity or delusion. It stems from a human need to belong to something bigger than themselves, to hope that some fatherly(or motherly) figure is watching over them.
    So to those atheists, I say go fuck yourselves.

  21. My human level of intellect may not find all the answers on every unexplainable thing around me yet I don’t need to close my eyes and imagine god as the conclusion and end up my questing mind on searching for an explanation.

  22. They keep reassuring themselves that which is but obvious, why will they answer questions on RnS if that wasnt the case, unlike religion Atheism doesnt ask for missionary work be done to promote their faith yet they are sort of doing it all with guilty consiouness so but obviously


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