do anyone of you know what's going on?

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going on? (I think sjnoorg is the only one on here, who might get it)
Beings who live inside the Sun,
– They ARE Sun living inside their fully activated Chakra/Auras.
…these Beings are coming to Earth aboard Ufo-craft,
from not only our sun, but from Sirius, Alcyone, Vega and Orion.
Jesus is one of them, b/c he IS the sun inside his activated crown-chakras.
This is the second coming, from a new age perspective.
That’s why you see all these wars breaking out, the economy
going down, natural-disasters. The earth is reacting to their cloaking systems.
Your thoughts? (soon, they will upon in thousands of ufo-craft)

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Joe V.

I don’t know lol but hollywood surely holds the answers to the mystery’s of the universe.
Check out some of these for answers.

E. F. Hutton

God is imaginary. Jesus is dead. There are no beings living on, in, or near the Sun. That’s what’s going on.
Wars breaking out? There aren’t any more armed conflicts around the world now than there has ever been. Barney Frank is why the economy is bad. There are not more natural disasters now.
There are no space aliens we will ever encounter.

Daniel Tremblay

take another toke


Hmm this is interesting but Jesus is in heaven. He is the son of God, it doesn’t say anywhere in the bible that He lives in the sun. In fact it clearly states that after He resurrects He goes to heaven. Acts 1:6-11 You’re on to something when you say there is reason to why the economy is bad, and with the natural disasters though. The world is coming to an end, only, no one knows when it will happen. Mathew 26:34 no one can predict the exact date of His arrival. All we can do is wait and be prepared. He’s only coming back for the people who love Him though. So its gonna be bad news for the people who never gave Him a chance. There’s still time but He’s coming back soon. revelation 22:12 So Its your choice if you want to accept Him into your heart or even believe a word I’ve just said but all of it is truth. and I can’t wait ’til the day my savior comes back for me. God bless you and hope you find your answers to everything.


My thoughts are that we will be waiting a very long time for their ufo-crafts to arrive. Why? ‘Cuz they don’t exist.
You may believe what you like, however, don’t put Jesus into the equation. He created the sun, but does not live inside of it.
I agree with Heather.

This is how I really look

Our consciousness has been programmed to expect something to happen in 2012. I hope something good happens, to be sure, but Jesus is not living inside the Sun, He is living inside the hearts of believers. That’s what the 2nd Coming was all about; restoring God’s presence to fallen mankind. The wars and natural disasters have always been going on, and I’m sure people thought during WW2 that the ‘end of the world’ was near then. Perhaps the Black Plague as well.
Chakras may be the spiritual aspect of our physical endocrine system, if they do exist.
As far as the UFO/ET phenomenon, I’ve watched the Disclosure Project w/ Dr. Greer and other countries are opening their files to the public, so it should be interesting to see what becomes of all that. Science Fiction may become fact, who knows.


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