do any other catholics/ christians believe in crystal healing and auras?

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i’m catholic, and i use crystal healing, i used to get drained, and would build up negativity, i wear amethyst and clear crystal bracelets, and have a amethyst crystal on the coffee table.
maybe i’m a catholic witch.

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there is only one healer and that is the living christ.


Nope, I do not believe in them or use them.
I do know it is Wiccan/Pagan in origins.

Peter Priesthood

I’m not sure exactly what having crystals do, but minerals and rocks are great.
They do that thing in the spas where they lay the warm rocks on your back and stuff, it’s suppossed to help with msucle tention.
I believe everyone has an aura about them…but not like some color, I just mean their personality. Like you can see pepole are usually happy, sad, angry, etc. that is what I mean by aura.

Pangel ((((((HUGS))))))

I am not Catholic/Christian
but I dont see why not
crystals are natural , and they have different properties
I am not sure your brothers and sisters would agree with you using them
but isnt everything on this earth given to us to use ?
arent we and everything around us just energy ?
have fun :o)

Sage B

I know quite a few Christians who use crystals and believe in auras.
My one friend says that maybe God put the crystals here (or the power in the crystals) to help in healing.

copper o

The Bible talks about them on a breastplate
Exodus 28: 1-43


I do not know about crystal healing but Catholics do believe in auras, which we call halos.
Catholic artists have been including halos or auras in their art since about 400 C.E.
An aura, nimbus, or halo (from the Greek meaning the disk around the sun or moon) is a ring of light that surrounds holy or sacred people.
The Church does not seem to have any official teaching on the subject but she does not deny or condemn them either.
With love in Christ.

just a girl.

No, I believe in the healing power of the Lord my savior. The Bible warns against things like what you’re talking about. Please pray for guidance and clarity, and it will be given you. God bless you.


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