do any of you know what's going on?

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Here’s my opinion of the whole-2012 thing:
Beings who live inside the Sun, – They ARE Sun living inside their fully
activated Chakra/Auras…these Beings are coming to Earth aboard Ufo-craft,
from not only our sun, but from Sirius, Alcyone, Vega and Orion.
Jesus is one of them, b/c he IS the sun inside his activated crown-chakras.
This is the second coming, from a new age perspective.
That’s why you see all these wars breaking out, the economy
going down, natural-disasters. The earth is reacting to their cloaking systems.
Your thoughts? (soon, they will upon in thousands of ufo-craft)

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See you in 2013……


Along time ago we was animals killing, raping, taking over camps and villages..its just human nature..So one day some wise minds had an idea..they noticed that all things evolve and decided to take advantage of evolution and use something called…”evolution of purpose!” they decided that as a being that has a mind…over time we can change who we are even at the biological we created religion and captured humans and put them in a garden ..these was the first slaves who would be put through self evolution..but they escaped from edan. The reason they want to get us to act certian ways…BECAUSE….after a long period of time of acting nice and doing good..our genes and species will actually evolve to be more and more of what we are currently behaving…So in the future we will all be so much better off then if we continued acting like the future people will actually be born to be more and more like the angels we fantasize about now in our storys…And today our society is still under control by these masters..we call it states and citys and societies..but its all still the system of edan and the garden of the masters.

Chuckles the IPU

No it is just a rare galactic alignment that will result in nothing


As soon as I see the words “new age perspective” I know I need read no further because any connection with reality will be purely coincidental.


my aura or as you call it chakra makes me invisible to beings that see ‘us’ based on those energies. according to my chakra, I don’t exist.

Mike Mcgee

Read Urantia Book.


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