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do any of you know about crystals and stones that affect your vibes?

someone gave me “pyrite” and “citrine” stones….i think it’s for energy and prosperity…do youknow which stones i can get that would be good for postive energy?…like to help me give off positve energy and keep negative and evil energy away?


  1. I use jade, chrysoprase, and apache tears for spiritual strength and grounding. firemountaingems.com is great for stuff like that

  2. Yes.
    Black onyx will transmute any negative energy, and keep the body balanced. It is suggested to wear it on the left side, but I don’t think it matters.
    And amethyst is good for calmness and wisdom, and (pink) rose quartz is good for giving off love and compassion.

  3. I got hit in the head with a stone once, and it really harshed my vibe.
    I don’t know what kind it was, other than hard.

  4. Rose quartz, even though many use it for love energy it is also good for positive energy. Tourmaline is good for focus and strength. Tigers eye is awesome for protection and keeping negativity away. I good sized Iron ore rock at the front and back doors of your home at the side of where the knob is positioned, is good for protection from negative energy entering your home. There are many different websites that you can look to for the info. I starred this so that a couple of friends of mine can read this and may have better info to add.

  5. Well, there are stones that are known to help, but in the end, it’s best to walk around a rock shop, picking up different stones, and see what calls to you the most.
    Chinese believe that Jade helps with bringing prosperity. Since many people associate money with green, most green stones will help with money, fortune, etc.
    Sunny and bright stones tend to help with having a happy outlook. Black is good for psychic protection, clear is a good cleansing stone. Purple is good for tapping into intuition, and red is great for courage.
    Rose quartz is good for self love and hte love of others.
    All sorts of stones! lol. Another option would be to get a book on the topic.

  6. I’m not sure but I think the crystal of choice around here is crystal meth.
    I had kidney stones a couple times, I can guarantee you dont what that kind of vibe.
    I think my wife uses energizers in her vibe.


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