do any christians know of any statues with miraculous healing powers?

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only i have injured my leg and it hurts like a bastard.

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Statues cant repair themselves, how can they heal somebody? Only God performs miracles. Ask God for help.


Thats idolatry. And it wont work you;ll just be wasting your time praying to a peice of stone : )


Yes God, But why not take a pain pill.

Gary II

Don’t rely on God. Ask Darwin to cure it for ya. After all, he has all the answers right?


True story: A disabled gentleman was taken to Lordes – he couldn’t get out of the wheelchair so they lowered him into the holy water with a crane. When he came out he still couldn’t walk but his chair had two new tyres.

†Exodus â€

What in the world… no.
Statues CANNOT heal you, only God can.


Have you hugged a tree yet today?

If not, what/who have you shown a little love today?

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