• Franklin Pierce University (US) a fully accredited university offers a minor in parapsychology with a major in psychology at the Bachelors level.

    The University of Arizona (US) a fully accredited school has what amounts to a parapsychology lab (not department) under the direction of Dr. Gary Schwartz. I have provided a link below.

    The medical school at the University of Virginia (US) another fully accredited school has what could be called a parapsychology lab (they call it Division of Perceptual Studies) under the direction of Dr. Bruce Greyson. I have included a link below.

    So, no there is not a parapsychology department but there are fully accredited US universities that engage in the study of parapsychological topics.


  • JFK University used to. However, they were the last. There is some other “colleges” that offer it, but they are not accredited.

  • Short and sweet answer: no, none at all. There’s a few universities in the UK that offer a degree but none in the US. It’s widely regarded as a pseudoscience.

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