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Do animals have auras?

Do animals have auras? and do you have any tips on how to sharpen my skills at seeing auras? Thanks!


  1. “If” people have auras, I would think that some, if not all, animals would too. At least the ones with enough brain to develop a personality of some sort.

  2. that all depends on whether or not animals have an ego. it is the ego that creates auras- which are actually mental symbols of a person created by your consciousness by reading their place in the collective consciousness. if you wish to learn more about my opinion on auras, contact me at j.fleshman@live.com
    so do animals have auras? maybe, maybe not. but i am almost positive that they can read/sense them.

  3. Inigo Montoya is right, all living things have auras, actually, all things have some sort of aura, since all things are made up of energy.
    It is hard to tell you how to better see auras, at least for me, I don’t actually see them, I feel them. Mostly when I’m not trying to.
    If I get my brain too engaged in trying to read an aura it disappears!
    I would say, start with something that doesn’t move around a lot, a tree, a house plant or something, get comfortable and clear your mind, try not to look directly at the object and try not to think about it either, just let the thoughts come in to your mind and flow through and out, eventually you will reach a stage where your mind is open and receptive, this is the best time to “see” auras.

  4. Very much so. I see them in all living things. Not everything has a color however, but I do see the “haze” comming off them. Some people are more “closed” and its almost impossible for me to see the color, but some people glow so brightly around me it leaves me speechless sometimes.
    *ps* The people (90% female) that always just shine with positive energy around me are almost always a teal, light green, or a bright emrald green anyone know why?

  5. i think any and all energy has an aura
    soul, is just energy, they have a soul, theyhave energy, so they have an aura
    i dont read auras, i cant help sorry ;-(
    but i woudl love to learn, its soemthing i want to do one day


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