Home Discussion Forum Do Amethyst crystals really fade if left in sunlight ?

Do Amethyst crystals really fade if left in sunlight ?


  1. Yes, it does if it is strong sunlight for a long time. Some amethyst crystals will fade faster than others. I don’t think it should occur much with normal use (jewelry, or crystals in a normal household environment), though. It becomes citrine when exposed to extreme temperatures and if further heated it becomes colorless. Fading color sometimes happens in other colored quartz varieties, too.

  2. Nope that’s bullshit. Sometimes you find them lying around on the surface, where they must have been for thousands of years, and they’re still purple. Another myth about them is that if you drink booze out of an amethyst goblet, you won’t get pissed. Amethyst is Greek for no drunkenness.

  3. I agree with Rick T…. It does. I have several cluster pieces, in which I left in the sunlight… and yes… over a period of time, the purple color faded from a deep color to a light purple. I was so hurt. Now, my newer clusters, I don’t keep in the sun light for long periods of time. I wrap them up if they are not in use, or keep in a shaded space of the house. Lynn

  4. “YES”, Rick T is correct except for saying it takes a long time to fade, fact is that some amethyst can fade in “days” of direct sunlight… This is not a theory, it’s a fact…

    • Another theory might be that some crystals have been Heat treated to intensify their color and those are the ones that would most likely fade?


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