Do all people have telekinesis abilities or only some?

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Do all people have telekinesis abilities or only some?
In a matter of fact, does it really exist or no?

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I think the answer is that it may not exist at all. Telekinesis is an ability that no one has successfully demonstrated yet.


It’s in everyones potential – regardless of what the two skeptics say.


All people have the potential.
The power is locked away in your genes or DNA. Some are lucky enough to have those codes in the DNA to be turned on. Great stress (in many forms) could cause something to ‘turn on’.
PSI is energy, and it is about tapping into “The Field”.
It is quantum level stuff, but really is about “The Field” which is an all pervading energy field which is everywhere. You tap into this and you manipulate space and time.
…sort of like “Matilda”…the little girl who uses her strongest feelings to manipulate her environment. This is not far from the truth.


There have been some serious attempts to gather information about psychokinesis (telekinesis). While the reported results are in question of being biased, they show small scale results indicating psychokinesis is common on a small scale. We kind of have a maybe for something that isn’t particularly dramatic.
There are reports of spontaneous psychokinesis causing violent movements of various objects. No available hard evidence from any study or experiment proves it happens, but it has been reported, sometimes as a poltergeist.
Once again people must judge for themselves and decide what is most likely, unless….Someone has a personal experience! I never had a psychokinesis experience myself, but I am aware that strange things really do happen.


DUDE i have it i don’t know if only some people have or everyone has it but it exists. if u believe in it try it.


No one has the abilities, at least no one willing to prove they do. And it would be very easy to prove.
I guess everyone has the potential, just nobody has the ability. Go figure.


Everybody has every ability but chose not to use them. I personally practice telekinesis its easy to learn and use just most people that don’t believe it choose not to even try it when it can change their whole view on life possibly. And that rumor about only some people are born with it is not true, some people can learn telekinesis a lot easier than others.


I, for one, do believe in telekinesis. I also believe that all humans have the potential to harness this amazing ability, but only a few really can. It is either a natural ability that was aquired in a past lifetime or something that was gained in this one through hard effort.

Nancy B

Psychokinesis (PK) is a function of the electrical mental energy of a person affecting matter. All living humans have mental energy as evidenced by their brainwaves, but most humans have not learned how to utilize this energy in a PK manner, much less control it.
Yes, it exists and is recorded in various research. I mentor quite a few psychics in our egroup and camp for psychic kids. One of the most usual sources of PK energy are teens during the years it takes to get a handle on maturing hormonal/puberty energies. It can cause quite a bit of trouble for kids who are always shorting out their families stereo’s for instance.
Also very young babies sometimes seem to have brought a memory of this energy manipulation through to this lifetime. I’ve heard many stories of babies toys and things mysteriously moved from crib or living room to playroom that parents can swear that weren’t left in that place. ALSO some electrical toys waking the whole family up in the middle of the night and infants in crib sitting here with broad smiles on their faces!

Edward M

It doesn’t exist. No one has shown it exists, and it defies the laws of physics.
People who believe they have it are dellusional.
Oh and i’ve read that book “the field” and it just takes physics out of context with a very naive application, and make it sound like there is some kind of energy that we can all tap into like Jedi Knights tapping into “the force”. If you actaully STUDY the physics behind that book before reading it, it seems like a great comedy. I enjoyed it at least

Baseball Brains

If it is true the lottery would not exist…nor would game shows…or poker


The presumption of the scientific experiments in oder to demonstrate psychokinesis (mind-matter interaction) has been that everybody to differing degrees has the ability.
The scientific experimental evidence suggest a very small (but statistically significant) effect over chance in influencing (not controlling) objects in state of flux (at the quantum level) like thrown dice, random number generators, and decaying radioactive particles. There is no scientific experimental evidence that support the ability the throw a fireball, levitate your friends, or stop a speeding car.
I would invite you to explore at least some of the extensive scientific research literature on this matter and draw your own (after you are well informed) conclusions.
I have provided links below to help get you started.


Hmmm…. I believe in it I just don’t respect idiots who set up articles and pages encouraging people to levitate and stimulate objects via the mind just by lazily utilizing keywords like chakra, aura, and the like. If you actually possess these powers than that’s great, astonishing, enviable, but if you don’t…don’t get mah hopes up dude. :/


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