Home Discussion Forum Do all druids believe in reincarnation?

Do all druids believe in reincarnation?

Do some believe in a permanent state of existence in the Spirit World?


  1. My best mate is a Neo-Druid!
    It is part of the religion, reincarnation is. So if some one is a true neo-druid, then yes they do believe in it.
    Also for the person below, what you believe in is a type of Reincarnation.

  2. One of my best friends is a traditional Druid from Scotland. They believe that after death we go to Summerland and not in reincarnation.

  3. This one doesn’t. In the Druid Revival, one can believe pretty much whatever they chose. There are Druids who are also Christians, Buddists, Atheists,and probably just about anything else. You just have to include nature in your spiritual practice.


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