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Do Aliens Communicate by sound?

When I was younger, about 12 (10 years ago) I was awakened to these eight repeating tones. It was a sound unlike anything I had/have ever heard on Earth. It was coming from right outside my door, in the hallway but it consumed the air of the room that I was in. I was extremely frightened at first, not wanting to even breath in fear that whatever it was would come and get me. I pinched myself to makesure I was awake and not dreaming, but it was way too real, I was not hallucinating nor was I dreaming. I just listened for about 3 hours until I was absolutely exhausted and told myself to just close my eyes and go to sleep. I woke up the next morning and asked my family if they had heard what I heard, no one did and brushed my experience off as a hallucination. I was upset that my mom didn’t believe me, it was a frightful night and I was still a young girl, I remember I begged my mom to sleep in her room but she told me no and so I bravely slept in my room the next night.
A little surprise but not really, I awoke around the same time to the exact same tones. I can still hum the exact melody. How could i forget it, it repeated over and over for hours!…well the second night I only stayed awake and listned for about a hour because the night before I had exhausted myself (the whole time thinking to myself what it could be, aliens was my thought and just trying to remain as still as possible so I wouldnt alert whatever it was of my precense). I woke up the next morning only this time did not mention a thing to my mom about it because if she didnt believe me the nightbefore she surely would not believe me this time)
Since those two night, the ‘music’ which sounded as closely as I can describe to anything i’ve ever heard as xylophone tones, never came again. Never again, since those two nights.
I always said it was one of the mysteries of my life because I just do not know what to make of it. I know what I experienced truly happened, but what I wonder is what it was and what the purpose of it was. It surely had to have had an effect on on me in some way, I mean I listened to it consciously for about 5 hours+ over the two nights. I have a theory that It was someone trying to help not harm me, maybe helping me open my pineal gland, or allowing me in the future to be of some assistence. Or maybe communicating in a way with me that I do not consciously know about.
My question is really, does anyone have any idea what I may have experienced, and what they were trying to do or say to me?


  1. humans can hear frequencys like n80htz-20mhtz yeah well at age 12 the hearing is very high ranged and when aliens are observing humans in study they send signals like rays to gather info on people and certaian people can hear it. it is a strange patten of sounds frequencys witch are strange and confusing
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