Do Alchemy and Tantra play an important part in your spiritual journey?

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At the base of all human activity one finds the central importance of sex. Religion is no exception. However, the public has not been introduced to the sacred role of sexuality in the esoteric or “secret” knowledge hidden inside every religion. Thus, in modern times sex has become desecrated and defiled, while it was once known to be the entrance into the mysteries of the Divine. Are you bringing this beautiful and honorable path back to the forefront?

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Toxic rose is a basket case

I’m to young for sex and I was never big on alchemy.


I would like to, but alas i am single. πŸ™
So spiritually speaking I need a Goddess to truly understand what you are saying.

Mysterious Panda

Sex magick is very potent when the energy is built up and directed towards a specific goal. Many Pagans and Wiccans use this type of energy in private working and mass gatherings.
Alchemy, rather than making Gold from Lead, focuses more on separating “spiritual Gold” from “pyshical lead” and is one of many paths up the mountain.
I have studied small portions of both and I would be very grateful if you could send me some reading material on these subjects…
Peace and Love to you Kali…

mark s

yes alchemy and tantra are a huge part of my religion


They did when Steve was alive. But since he committed suicide, everything has changed for me. And also menopause changed a lot for me, as well.
The sacred heights are considerably diminished by distractions. Like lubricants, creaky joints, medications which become necessary . . . frankly, Tantra is for the young and reasonably healthy.
I do, however, have some wonderful memories.


…e=mc”=eros! erosisyou&me! please elaborate on the intrinsic values of both alchemy_tantra!


No ; but I honour anyone who clears the garbage off peoples mind and educates them to open thier mind towards the sanctity of love, sex or anything else
ps- how r u Coyote πŸ™‚


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