dizziness with sweating and on occasion loss of consciousness?

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well my dad has had a stroke, many years ago, he has diabetes, high blood pressure + hardening of the arteries and emphysema. since xmas he has been suffering with dizzy spells. we have checked his sugar level and this is not the problem. we have checked out his medication to make sure he isn´t mixing the wrong ones. his doctor says he has vertigo, but i feel soemthing isn´t right. the attacks can happen anytime of the day. could someone give any advice? what role does uric acid have? could it be something as simple as anaemia? and how can a dopplar test help?
he has had an ecg and that has come back ok. I took him to my private GP and he suggested a blockage in the veins, hence the lack of oxygen to the brain and the dizziness. how serious is his situation? should I be panicking? I have a bit of nursing background and it seems as though he could be heading for another stroke or a heart attack! I live in Spain and he lives in the UK so it is difficult to help him. although his dr sounds like he aint worth a carrot!! thanks to everyone who has replied. x

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Doppler test has to do with his hearing, balance, dizziness and hearing all work together.
If he has high blood pressure, it might be a good idea to have a home blood pressure kit, to test it whenever he feels dizzy that can be a sign of elevated blood pressure as well.
Uric acid can build up in the blood stream and testing for elevated levels can signify the presence of kidney problems.


Dizziness and sweating usually preceed a loss of consiousness. Vertigo, on the other hand, is not accompanied by sweating or loss of conciousness; instead, vertigo is characterized by dizziness (usually with a change in position or rapid turn of the head) and nystagmus (rapidly alternating eyemovements). Truthfully, vertigo itself is not a diagnosis, but a symptom. Most physicians use it incorrectly when they are referring to an inner ear problem (either Minnere’s disease or BPPV).
He may be experiencing hypotension (a drop in blood pressure)…either way, he needs to have a doctor evaluate him to make sure this is not cardiac related.

Jonell V

My Aunt just went through this also and her Dr. told her it was vertigo. She also had alot of vomiting with hers

Edward W


Rada S

Vertigo is usually caused by an inner ear infection. …Because this area is so small, antibiotics usually do not help…It takes several months to get over it.
…If the GP thinks it might be caused by clogged vessels, then you may want to a vascular doc to see if he may need to have his caratid arteries unclogged…it is a surgery that docs due to help prevent a stroke.
…a doppler test usually can help test the amount of vessel clogging…
…Anemia can cause dizziness, but this is easily diagnosed by simple bloodwork.
…Uric acid elevation test usually done to rule out Gout. Gout causes your joints to swell and hurt. It can also be elvated if you are chronically dehydrated. Make sure your father drinks plenty of water.


many older people get vertigo from improper diet and yes that can lead to anemia and many other heath problems that you mentioned i would look into checking out what dear ol dad is eating


I AM NO DOCTOR, but the answer your physician gave about lack of oxygen to the brain sounds right………if he has emphysema why isn’t he on an inhaler or oxygen? Yes, it can be serious because when a person doesn’t have enough oxygen running through it puts great stress on the heart and other organs……..I had a dopplar test several times to check the arteries in the neck to check for blockage…..good luck…..



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