Distance Reiki?

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I’ve recently been looking into Reiki, could anyone tell me about experiences had with distance healing and attunement?
Would it be worth the money to try it out, and what exactly is the process for attunement and who could I trust to work with if doing something like this online is even a good idea?
I live in a small area and this type of thing is hard to find around here, so any information and resources would really be helpful, I’d love to talk!

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Hi there,
A friend of mine told about this website, the Distance Healing Network (http://www.the-dhn.com/ ), and I signed my mother up for it. She has severe, chronic back problems, can’t find a doctor to so far tell her what’s wrong, they keep telling her it’s all in her head, it’s just “arthritis”, yet she can’t stand for more than 15 minutes at a time or her legs give out and her hip hurts. Anyway, the distance Reiki…she can’t feel anything they’re doing to her, but so far this week, for the last four days (it’s about day 7 now, they do it every day for about a week), she’s said her back not only *doesn’t* hurt, but it actually feels good.
I’ve had a distance Reiki treatment myself, from here: http://www.reikithehealingpath.com/free_reiki.htm
She sent me an email saying ok, the healing had been sent. That night, Raphael the archangel came to me while I was sleeping (he’s a healer), and I don’t know what he did, I could feel him touching me, but I fell asleep during it, but I felt a ton better. I feel much more centered, even now, just over a week later (that’s all I’d asked her to do, to help cleanse and align my chakras, simply because I just wanted to try it).
The second link, there’s a lot of information on that site. She’s also the most inexpensive I’ve come across yet, around $30 or a half hour. Try it. The first one is free.


Usually Reiki, whether distance or personal, generally costs about the same as a massage, so keep that in mind while finding a practitioner.
I am an alternative practitioner, who does Reiki, so if you want more information, or a referral to someone in your area just drop me a message, my IM name is ayanamoon2000 (although I don’t actually use that as my email address, so sending me an email will get lost!) or you can drop me a line at aihyana@blackfoothealing.com
Good luck!


That’s a lot of questions. I have many stories to tell about Reiki but I think to save time you should go to the website listed below. Send an email to them and ask for Reiki practitioners near you. Find someone who will barter for classes. That’s what I do. I don’t take money for my classes. The students have to earn it.

Rev. Two Bears

I am a Master/Teacher of higher in five different forms of Reiki.
I have passed Reiki attunements to more than 1,250 people all over the world. I have a large folder of attunement experiences people have reported to me.
There are several people online that will pass distance attunements to you or anyone free or nominal charge. I aways passed attimements and taught people free of charge.
The attunement opens the energy pathways (chinese call them meridians) in the body.
Your job is to practise Reiki and keep them open and flowing smoothly,


Hi Richard,
Yes distand Reiki absolutely works. It is a universal energy that does not have any limits to distance and even time! This also goes for ditance attunements.
Many Reiki masters claim that distance healing works but say that an attunement must be done in person.
Personally I beleive that this is not true. I have had all my attunements in person, but have also received distance attunements, just as a “fresh-up” for me and it worked just as great.
Do so research on getting a distance healing. There are many people that are willing to give you a treatment for a very low and reasonable price.
If you are looking for more information about Reiki and/ or you are interested in Distance Attunement, check out the link I provided below. It goes to the web site of Steve Murrey a Reiki master.
He has a lot of experience and you can buy DVD’s that can/will attune you to any level of Reiki (including master).
I have done this myself as well, in order to see how it’s done (I already was a Reiki master at that point), and I have to say, it works great!
I think for about $ 30,- you can buy a DVD that will attune you to Reiki I, II or Master.
However if you do have the chance to get an attunement in person, I highly recommend this above these DVD’s. Even Steve Murray who made the DVD’s and sells them agrees on this as well! But it is a great alternative for someone that can not afford an in-person attunement / class and/or for someone like you who lives where there’s not many Reiki masters to be found.
I hope it helped.
Let us know ;o)
I hope I gave you some


Distance reiki is a wonderful way to receive Reiki healing when you are unable to see a Reiki practioner or master in person.
Distance reiki healing sometimes will feel like you are enveloped in warmth, a deep relaxation, lessening of pain or you may feel nothing at all. Some of my clients have said that even if I have not told them when I was sending reiki to them that they felt surrounded in love, peace and warmth.
If you would like to try it out, I would be willing to do a practice session with you so you can see what it feels like at no cost. Please feel free to contact me.
I would not recommend distance for attunements, because you would not get the benefit of full instruction. Attunements are a life changing experience that once you have received them it is best to have someone in person to talk to that you trust.


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