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Dispelling negative energy safely?

Over the past two years a lot of snit’s happened, and I’ve built up a lot of negative energy. It feels like it’s focused in my abdomen, having briefly manifested itself in a minor eating disorder. Is there a way to safely dispel it?


  1. Many ways, but one sure way: Santeria: full cleaning. However its expensive and messy. You can also try a sage cleaning of your home, but that wont address what’s affecting your person. I would do both. You can also burn black candles while you meditate on white light. gl.

  2. That is witch doctor bulls**t, your eating disorder exists becase you are stressed or depressed or in a similar mental state, when this occurs people will eat the pain depression etc. away, go get some antidepressant or s**t, dispelling negative energy won’t work, and will waste your time as it isn’t the source of your problem.

  3. My mom told me that she had a “box” under her bed and that rather then dispelling the negative energy she would will it into the box for safe keeping, dispelling it just puts it back out into the world, where it can affect other or come back to you.

  4. hmm that’s tough hon. I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress too & have been becoming increasingly negative which I really don’t like at all. First, good for you for recognizing it & wanting to be happier 🙂 That’s a start! Also maybe try to think about what is causing the negative energy & eliminate the root of it. This way you dont have to constantly combat it. I have been stuck in the house a lot lately since I dont work & lost my drivers license. My husband suggested I go out with my girlfriend yesterday & get out of the house. It was a big relief to be gone all day. I know I’m not 100% there but it certainly feels better & I got the strength from just one day. Hang in there hon.

  5. Exercise program will help you in many ways. Your will expunge your bad energy while being around others who practice healthy eating habits. You will sleep better than you have in a while. Staying healthy is the best addiction ever, start today!

  6. What ya need ta do rub yer body wiv sheeps urine and dance around a tree naked at midnite. If that dont sort yer bellybug then try jummping up and down on the spot for a month, if ya do that ya wont care

  7. you could try meditation, or self-hypnoses. you could go to a sycoligest and talk about what’s upsetting you. yoga or getting a masage might do the trick as well.

    If you believe in The POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING, simply place yourself in a place of ultimate Peace.
    Make sure that absolutely nothing can bother you in “this place.”
    Sit in a Lotus position.
    With your eyes closed, practice CONTROLLED BREATHING;
    Inhale from the bottom of your diaghram (this will take much practice, but with enough repetition, it is natural!)
    Inhale GOOD energy in s-l-o-w, deep breaths;
    Visualize it entering your body and energizing your body (focus on the center of your body) PAUSE for 5 seconds and Exhale all the “bad” through your mouth.
    Perform this in cycles of three – then add as you have time.
    Repeat this every time on a constant schedule as IT DOES WORK.

  9. exercise – excessive cardio basically – works by turning your “negative energy” and acts as a catalyst to generate it into positive productive energy – try running as many miles as possible (and DO go to exhaustion), swimming as far as you can, or basically anything that stimulates excessive blood flow and starts an oxidizing cycle in your body


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