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Discrimination against thin people?

why does it seem like fat people dont like thin people? My mom and I both have really high metabolisms, so even though we never exercise and eat as much as we want, and whatever we want, we both stay ,skinny and underweight. Just the other day, my mom was in the store, and a very fat lady in a wheelchair called her over. The fat lady looked my mom straight in the face and said all mean: I hate you because you’re thin!!! My mom was really suprised at this mean old hag, but this happened to me too. I was at school last year and I was eating lunch when I heard some girls talking about me, calling me awfull names about saying how unfair it was that they were eating salads and still fat, and I was having pizza, fries, and soda every day and was thin as a rail. What do you think?


    • I’m like you, quite thin. I don’t really crave junk food (donuts make me nauseated, and coagulated cheese on pizza is gross), so I’m able to eat pretty healthy without really worrying about it. And I’m totally thankful for this, and I understand that’s not the same way others relate to food. But I’ve had people just randomly hate me. Once I was in a crowded, hot club. It was dark, everyone was dancing, so I took off my sweater. I had just a little tank top on. This overweight girl nearby looks me up and down, says, “skinny bitch” and took a swing at me. Her friends pulled her away and apologized. It was amazing. To this day I suspect some people who are not quite so thin in my friend circle hold back from being friendly with me because of the differences in our weights. It’s so lame.

  1. they’re jealous because they’re having a hard time trying to lose weight while to them you’re not trying to. dont listen to them. they can discriminate all they want, it’s not going to make them any thinner.

  2. I think that everyone is discriminated against for something. I get discriminated against because I look like a dumb blond (I’m not dumb). You’re probably right- you are discriminated against because you are SUPER thin.

  3. I’m not what you would call thin, but, I had to let you know that I’m sorry to hear that there are so many rude people saying hurtful, mean things to you. That’s just not right.
    I *do* envy you a little, though…!

  4. well honestly i have the same problem… its rude but if you think about it skinny people really get off easier… there arent commercials making fun of us and all kinds of jokes about our moms… its unfortunate that people are that rude but take it as a compliment and remember not to rub it in their faces… thats crossing the line 🙂

  5. I have the same problem. My retort is that having all that body is just too much to keep clean. That usually keeps the “fat” people from having too much else to say to me about my weight. I love being the size that I am. I’m in my 30’s and can still wear clothes I wore in high school. It’s just good genes. We can’t help it.

  6. I’m not saying it’s o.k for these people to be rude, but face it: it’s unfair. If you were normal you would be fat. What’s not fair is girls that have to eat health food or hardly any food and are still a size 12. Women struggle with weight and they take it out on you because you have acheived what they want without having to work for it. So next time have some compassion and go have a salad with the fat girls trying to get thin because there is 10 times the amount of discrimination against fat girls than there is against you.

  7. I don’t think fat people hate thin people. If they do, then they need to be committed! In a lot of cases, it’s jealousy. I used to be overweight, and I never hated anyone…thin or otherwise. I was sort of sad that I couldn’t be thin like them even after years and years of dieting and trying everything I could, but I never made any hateful remarks or said anything unkind to anyone who was thin.
    I’m thin now, and I still treat people equally. 🙂
    Keep in mind that being underweight can be just as dangerous as being overweight. You said you and your mom have fast metabolisms. You might want to see a doctor or nutritionist about this. Being too thin can cause health problems, just as being overweight can. I know you’re young, but many women have problems conceiving children when they’re too thin. And honestly, it really isn’t attractive. Women weren’t meant to be sticks…we’re supposed to have a little meat on our bones, plenty of curves and to look “womanly”. 🙂

  8. no one should make fun of anyone when it comes down to it but usually when people do it they don’t feel very good about themselves. just ignore their comments know it’s not you they dislike it’s themselves.

  9. They’re just jealous. They wish they could be so thin. And many of them are probably tired of taking crap from thin people about their weight. Fat people get bad comments about their weight all the time and people treat them like second class citizens, so I’m not surprised they get grumpy towards thin people.
    It’s not nice if they point their frustrations towards people who haven’t treated them bad, it’s wrong to do that, but then again, it’s also wrong of people to treat them like crap just because they’re fat.
    Just try to ignore people’s comments about your weight and avoid bugging others about their weight. It’s the best you can do.

  10. These people feel insecure about themselves and try to make themselves feel better by putting down others. There are also people who interfere in anothers life because they feel that anyone different from themselves must be made to be more like them. The fact is, people will always be resentful of those who are different, because of fear, which is generated from ignorance. Or because they’re just plain jealous. Just be happy in who you are, because you are the only person you’ve got to live for.

  11. same here..i eat alot..and i have a high metabolism- ppl think i’m afraid of gaining weight…this doctor was like..u probably don’t like food b/c ur so thin :O I was shocked..the rude man

  12. Theyre just jealous of you.
    Just stop asking people questions like this, because we hear WAY more fat jokes all the time than any skinny people do.
    I mean, dang. You might have 15 extra pounds, or less, and if you tick off the wrong person, the first thing they are going to say to you is call you a fat a$$.
    Consider yourself lucky. I stay in shape, always have, and I am still heavy in the stomach area, because of a surgery I had when I was 7, which disconnected my muscles, or disallowed them from ever getting “flat”. So I have been asked if I am pregnant since I was 14 years old and 105 pounds. I go to the grocery store and (I am not huge, either, just a little pooch but the muscles wont go flat in my tummy) and people ask me when I am due. It is HUMILIATING, so please be kind to the fatties in the world. We need loving too, lol.
    And again.. consider yourself lucky.
    And yes that was rude of them, they shouldnt have said that kind of thing. Im sure it was VERY urtful to be made fun of over your size. How mean.

  13. your post really does make sense. i have a gene that basically in lamer terms makes me slim for life. i feel like there is such huge discrimination against people with a slim build. for example i was auditioning for our local winter guard on the weapon line. after auditions the instructor came and told me i am wonderful and a fast learner but if i joined the weapon line i would make it look unbalanced because all the girls are much bigger than i. i felt like crying. its not my fault that i can not gain weight or that “fatter” girls ca’t even loose weight. the world is so wrong

  14. It doesn’t matter what body type you have no one should be rude and say hurtful things. I would never walk up to a total stranger and ask ” why are you so fat”. People ask me everyday why I’m so skinny. All types of people not just overweight ones. If someone thinks it’s ok to ruthlessly point out what they think is a flaw in my appearance they better be ready for me to point out there flaws. Fat, old, ugly, etc. Or just plain rude. People need to stop thinking that it’s ok to comment on someones appearance no matter what size they are.

  15. i know the feeling too..i ate a lot, but i don’t get fat.and no matter what i eat, i still remain skinny..i wish i can gain weight, just a little..because of being so thin, they think im just a gradeschooler..and i hate it, they say i only look 12, but im already 21..they think its funny, but its really offensive sometimes..there are some who will tell me that im thin because my parents can’t buy me food..how rude :((( i also think that being skinny is the reason why i can’t have a a good job, they think im weak and they’re not convinced that i can work well on their company..but no matter what they say, i still love myself..i can eat whatever i want and wear whatever i want.i just feel ugly sometimes because of what other says about me.

  16. I am a figure bodybuilder, eat extremely healthily and exercise daily. I am fifty years old, 5ft 2inches, weight 110 pounds and in perfect health. I feel fabulous about who I am. I often experience individuals who have weight issues approach me and comment or even argue with me about my body image.
    This is how a diffuse the situation. I comment back in a very direct low voice with eye contact. “I don’t discuss body image.”. Or “This is Gods will for me to look like this.”. This approach works very well for me. It puts the ball in their court to take a look at their life choices without making anyone feeling like a victim in the situation. By refusing to discuss body image with people who are experiencing weight issue I think is the kindness way diffuse the situation before either side gets upset.
    I don’t understand the thought process of people who experience being overweight and don’t care too. However, I do need to respect myself and not allow their own poor body image (if that is what is they are experiencing) splatter onto my self esteem. I choose a lifestyle of wellness. What other people choose is none of my business. This approach works for me and keeps a level and neutral balance. Again it works for me successfully every time . Good Luck

  17. Unless you ever become fat you’ll never understand what its like. Its horrendous being fat and im sorry but when I see someone with high metabolism I just can’t help but get enraged. I want it. I need it as im going to die if I don’t get it.


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