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discovering your past life?

I want to know about how I can discover my past life. What are the different ways that you can do this? I’ve heard of past life regression through hypnosis. Is that something you can do on yourself(like self-hypnosis) or do you really need a professional? And I’ve also heard that meditation can work… how, and what kind of meditation? I know very little about the topic of past lives so any information you could offer would be great. Or just point me in the right direction of where I can find some good info on it. Thanks.


  1. Creation is made from energy, and energy is
    pretty much repetitious.
    There’s a good chance that your past life
    closely resembles your current life.
    You might try typing hypnosis into your
    search engine, then follow odd links.

  2. You cannot force this. It has to come naturally and you have to be in the Alpha state to begin. Let thoughts flow freely and it will come in time.

  3. try mirror scrying. ( i watched my face change into a mans with long hair and a beard wearing chain mail) that was a past life progression..look on the internet there are many many ways, candle light meditations, mirror scrying, crysytal scrying, meditations with certain stones and crystal..There are CDS for meditation out there too. and a couple of you-tube meditations too. its out there you just have to look and you will learn alot on your journey to self discovery..PAX

  4. There is no such thing as past lives Jeremiah 1 The Lord says Befor I formed you in the womb I knew you,,and from this words people say that there is reincarnation which there is not..God formed you and created you for a purpose in this life and when its over each person is a pointed for death and never to return again Luke 16:19 tells of a poor man named Lazarus who dies and a rich man who dies and one goes to heaven the othere to hell yet neither can come back ones they die,,,


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