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Dillema? ! 10 points for the person with best excuse?

Ok. I had a relative that found this cute little dog running around a secluded neighborhood in the woods, this happens alot around here.
So I did the responsible thing, and put up about 10-20 posters with my number telling the person who lost the dog to give a discpription of the dog, so that it would not go to the wrong people.
So I waited. I waited 2 days. keep in mind this is a puppy, and has to sleep inside ofcourse, and it was a little terror. with a lot of energy, and so I told my brother in law that he could take it home, because i am busy throughout the day, and I cannot leave a little dog inside my home wreaking havock.
So that was my mistake. I gave it to them, because someone was tearing down all the signs I put up. I figured no one wanted the dog found and my husband was pressuring me to get rid of it to someone if no on e wanted it, because we have too many animals as it is., so yes, I let him have it. Well 2 days later, the owner of the dog calls me, and gives a dead on description, and now I feel terribly bad, because I think they think I have the dog still, and I don’t. It is about an hour and a half from here, and I’m getting the dog back tonight.
My problem is, in order to avoid looking like a jackass that gave someone else’s dog away, I made myself look even worse for lying to them. I believe in Karma, and now I feel like a total dork. A part of me wants to just tell them I lied because I was not sure I was going to be able to get my brother in law to part with it, as he was attatched to it instantly. I need help to think of an excuse on where we found the dog again, I told them we did have it, but it ran off while I was not home, that it got off the dog run somehow.
anyhoo, I am planning on calling them tonight to give them their dog back, but what should I say on where we found the dog? That it fell out of the clear blue sky? Right back to my house?
I’m not very creative people. Please help me. My heart is in the right place.


  1. listen, your intentions and the effort you made were good. and it is good to hear you have a conscience…just tell them what you told us. tell them the truth. you won’t see them again you know, so it won’t matter what they think….but you will know you did the right thing…

  2. You want to do the right thing – so just tell him the truth, you found it in the wood, your wife pressured you into it , now the owner as come forward, and if he is as honest as you he should give it back.
    tell him that as it was a pup – lost in the woods you felt it would be in danger so took it in, tell him you put posters up , as you wanted the true owner to collect the dog.
    hope it goes ok for you – tell the truth and that way you can’t trip your self up.
    good luck

  3. i found a siamese kitten once and decided to keep it, until the owner came and claimed it.
    after i gave it to him, he came back and returned it to me.
    the puppy should be returned to the first owner no matter what. if the first owner on the other hand will give it up. i would think any party involved might not want a terror puppy until they have housebroken it.

  4. if you believe in karma then lying will only bring bad karma.
    tell the truth and admit you did not think anyone would call about the dog so you gave it away.

  5. Ok creative lie:
    Hi I am calling you back because the thing was I had asked my brother to take the dog to a shelter as I couldn’t house the dog. After I got off the phone with you I called my brother and was explaining to him how bad I felt that you had just called. Turned out my brother ended up keeping the dog and didn’t take it to the shelter after all.

  6. If you believe in karma — tell them the truth and let them know your heart was in the right place and all you wanted was to find the dog a happy home and brighten up your bro in law’s life too. As long as you give the dog back to its rightful owner your fine — good karma is with you. Fear not. The Gods of karma are a lot smarter than you think =)

  7. Explain that you gave it to your brother in law to car for because you’re busy and were worried it wouldn’t get enough time and attention.
    If my dog ever got lost, I’d be happy to know that someone drove 3 hours to make sure she was cared for properly, and that she had a warm bed and food instead of living outside in the freezing cold (plus, it would cost a lot in vet fees to have her checked over and do scans for internal bleeding!).
    Just admit that you got nervous and didn’t know what to tell them – we’ve all done it. You’re obviously a really decent person, so you have nothing to hide.

  8. Just tell them the truth. They should be happy that they’re getting their dog back, regardless of how. Just tell them what you told us. Someone kept tearing down your posters, so you thought noone wanted the dog back, so you gave it to a clsoe family member. Now that you know that the owner actualy wants it back, you’ll kindly give it back.

  9. you chose strangers over your brother in law, that’s gotta hurt. You could have kept to the story about it running away. If the original owners cared, then it wouldn’t have run away in the 1st place. Tell them it walked right up to you & you fed it, but you really don’t owe them an explanation for finding their dog. It’s not your fault or your problem.

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