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Difficulties during meditation?

1) i start meditation abt 8mths back but it was visual based. More on visualizing the colours of the chakra while repeating the sounds. Abt 2months back i started doing a forgiveness and love exercise and noticed that each time my chest would hurt during it (never after or before). I figured i need to practice on my forgiveness..Any insight?
2) Recently, i started the breathing meditation (vipassana) , n i’ve been able to completely make my mind silent (for a secs) but during it somehow i start getting nauseated. The 1st time i panicked n felt suffocated. Any insight?

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10 years ago

Depending on exactly how you do the meditation it is possible to cause problems rather than cure them. Meditation done well lets in the white light of divine love into your heart. This love and light makes you happy and healthy, etc. Meditation done badly can actually block the light and make you unhappy and cause health problems etc. If you want to contact me with more details I can help you better, but here is what I have to say from what you have written. 1) Forgiveness and love – These are concepts that come out of the christian… Read more »

10 years ago

1) I had the same experience with my third eye chakra, suddenly it just felt uncomfortable when I was focusing there. I found out later this is just means it is opening. Same might be happening with you.
Get used to it, you’re on a different path now 😉

2) that’s cool that you can totally still your mind. It might be a freak occurence that you get nauseous.
I wouldn’t worry about it unless you start to physically throw up or something. Then I would stop my practice and get guidance from a teacher.

10 years ago

I meditate.I observe the breath and us the mantra “hong sau” Breathe in and out through your nose as you inhale think hong, as you exhale thing sau ,keep repeating it everytime you inhale and exhale.Let the breathe flow naturally dont control it.As you breathe through your nose concentate at the point inbetween the eye brows at the top of your nose.Imagine the breath going into your head.Just stay completely still and let it happen.Every time you want to open your eyes and do somthing say no and go back to the mantra and observe the breathe. I know meditation… Read more »

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