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Difficult question about consciousness?

What would happen if I were to completely clone myself, including my consciousness. Would I be in my original body or the new one or both? Also If I was in my original, would I have another me out there with the same thoughts and feelings and knowledge?


  1. If you made a copy of yourself, the copy would not be you. If you died after making the copy, you would be dead, no matter what your copy does.
    Your consciousness is a product of chemical and electrical processes in your body, no magic involved.

  2. You would be you, and your clone would be someone else.
    I always wanted to have a clone of me, I find myself sexually attractive, so I know my clone would feel the same way.

  3. That is impossible to answer, because it can’t be done, well you may be able to get similar effects with drugs, but lets not encourage those.
    Bottom Line

  4. Only if you were able to create a completely quantum entangled brain based on the original. So far, we are unable to do this, but its theoretically possible.

  5. Assuming that a perfect cloning was possible: both individuals would be identical at the moment of separation, but would begin to diverge and become distinct as soon as separation had occurred. (The world is full of perfect clones; we call them identical twins).
    The assumption that one can create a perfect clone already supposes that a perfect knowledge of a complex physical state is achievable. There is no reason to suppose that this is the case. In fact it seems likely that a perfect mapping of any organic lifeform (and possibly even inanimate objects) would contradict Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, Goedel’s Incompleteness Theorem – and a handful of other modern discoveries in the physical sciences.

  6. well if you did so it would be you cloning is a copy…but if you look at the copy…(Printing) it’s never the same always has more flaws…but anyway it would do what you do every waking moment of the day…it would be impossible because it would try to be where you are…causing different thoughts to come about causing you to be different people….

  7. Dude, I think you’ll find that such philosophical questions have been toyed with for AGES by the greatest minds in the world. It’s something we can only speculate on.
    Read lots of Sci-Fi….Good Sci-Fi I mean. It’s a good way of exploring “what ifs”

  8. if you clone every element of yourself mind and body then you would have an exact replicate of yourself in thoughts, knowledge etc but the question that remains is whether you would be conscious of the existence of your clone

  9. You can too clone brain activity…
    God it’s just neurons snapping and unsnapping. But even if you did, the clones brain would be reacting to different stimuli than you and then his brain would start changing slowly, but I think he would be a good friend with a lot in common, he would have differences though, but I’d say he’d talk, walk, and all inherited traits just like you, but he wouldn’t believe in the same things as you.
    God to understand this, you’d have to understand what makes a person act the way he does, and how personality is inherited and how this part is disconnected from the part of the brain that could change… Pretty high level stuff.
    Well I guess it could have been thought of for ages, but I don’t know why philosophers would have though of it back then because cloning was non-existent, but they could hypothesize that a new them appeared or something, but if they would have actually thought of this and published it, they would have been silly. I can’t prove that because I don’t know everything, I’ve just not heard of it.

  10. Well, it isn’t possible, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If by some magic you could clone yourself, your clone would be ‘born’ as a wee infant – and he would grow up. But he would not grow up like you because he wouldn’t have your parents… So his consciousness would be quite different.
    YOU are made from billions upon billions of impressions, smell, tastes, experiences which you received throughout your life. That obviously cannot be duplicated.

  11. Even “exact” copies are not YOU. And depending on their life experiences ie their childhood (yes clones start as babies, not adults), etc, they would NOT have the same thoughts, feelings and knowledge because they did not have the same experiences. It would be impossible to give them the exact same life.

  12. I don’t think consciousness can be cloned. I was having a thought similar to this, though… what would happen if every component of our brain was gradually replaced with machines and computers, until no part of us was organic. Could we then hypothetically live forever?

  13. Even if it were possible, just like the multiverse idea, each moment after that first moment, brings change. Subtle at first but increasing differences as time goes by. Each little change is a building block for the next. Child may be father to the man but still, you are not the child you once were. Even the atoms in your skeleton have changed.

  14. Every indication is that ‘you’ are made up of the mechanical, chemical and electrical configuration of your brain.
    So, if you were to make an exact copy of yourself then you would both be ‘you’.
    As soon as the second ‘you’ was created each of ‘you’ would start having different experiences and the personalities would start to diverge. So your clone would no longer be a ‘perfect’ copy of you. Or you would no longer be a perfect copy of them.

  15. Operating from the assumption that consciousness is an epiphenomenon of physiology,(an assumption currently shared by the majority of neuroscientists), your clone would have it’s own consciousness. Initially identical to you but beginning to change in small ways almost immediately as it made it’s own choices from what to eat to who to have sex with, etc. These choices would exert unique pressures on your clones physiology thereby changing it’s consciousness to something similar to yet not the same as your own .


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