• The ancient Egyptians wore those king tut things on their heads, and Einstein wore a suit and didn’t wear anything on his head.

  • the ancient egyptians did not deal with math in a systematic way. specifically the systematic analysis of this science did not come about until the greeks with Archimedes. though he might not have been the first to deal with it with symbols he wrote it down. As for Einstein like his predecessors he applied his symbolic knowlege.

  • pearl…great question.
    albert wasnt the founder of math..correct me if i am wrong..but i think he came with the nuclear bombs blue print and may many more.maths was developed by ancient arabs and indiansi mean the zero is arabic(some say its indian). ancient eygptions were great architacts and many more.

  • Sorry to be a jerk but this question makes me want to cry….

    Einstein and The Ancient Egyptians lived a great distance apart in time and space, its not really a useful comparison.

    Humans have always counted things, in this way math is as old was we are. The first know use of higher mathematics would be the ancient The ancient Sumerians who wrote multiplication tables on clay tablets and dealt with geometrical exercises and division problems as far back as 3000-3500 BC.

    Einstein was a physicist who lived recently (died about 60 years ago) he used mathematics to describe the universe.

  • Einstein did not found math, he merely expanded it, just like Issac Newton and Stephen Hawking. The Egyptians did not found math either- cave men could count and probably the earliest mathematical equation was how to divide food between people. The Egyptians did pioneer geometry, but they were not the first to do math.

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