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Difference between a crystal ball and a Crystal Globe?

Hi, I received a Shannon Crystal by Godinger (as a gift) that looks just like a crystal ball except the world is etched onto the surface. What is the difference between this and a crystal ball? Does anyone know if this globe is just lead crystal or if it is quartz? A link to a more in depth description of this globe would be awesome. Thanks!
I don’t want to use it as a crystal ball. 🙂
It is solid. I know that quartz and lead crystal are different–what I am wanting to know is if this particular type of globe, made by Godinger, is made of quartz or lead crystal.


  1. I presume a ball would be solid, globe hollow. Lead crystal and Quartz are two different substances. Don’t have a link, sorry.

  2. The crystal globe can only answer questions about the world, like
    “Where will the next great flood be?”
    “How does the weather look like in Valparaiso?”
    If you had been given a much more expensive crystal ball, it could have answered much more general questions, like
    “What are the winning numbers in next week’s lottery?”
    Man, that sucks.


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