Home Discussion Forum diff' between chakra and Qi, what the heck is chakra.?

diff' between chakra and Qi, what the heck is chakra.?

yeah chakra is a real theary, i’m not hoped up on narito.


  1. well qi is the energy and is Chinese and chakras are points where prana (also energy i think) congregate and mean different things
    i was just going to say one is Chinese theory other is Indian theory
    but i have oversimplified and it is much much more than that and even better explanations should come your way
    read about it…i have just started and it is interesting

  2. Chakras are an Hindu concept. The chakras are believed to be centers of energy in the human body that correspond to certain functions. They are used in Hindu meditation, traditional medicine, etc…
    Ki, Qi or Chi (Depending on the culture) is a king of life form that permeates the Universe. In these systems of belief, this life force is being used by everything that lives and is the closest thing far-easterners have to a concept of the soul. The two main differences being that Chi is universal and not personal, and that there is no strict distinction between body and Chi.

  3. Chakras are vortexes of energy that correspond one for one with nerve ganglion at specific spots up the spinal column. The first is at the base of the spine. The second the sacrum. The third is the solar plexus. The fourth is the heart, fifth is the throat, six is the third eye and the seventh is the crown of the head.
    Qi or chi is the electromagnetic energy that travels through specific paths through the body (these have actually been measured with instruments. The places where smaller vortexes of energy were found equated to acupumcture points on the body).
    Think of the body as a large electrical circuit, the chakras and junction boxes and the chi as the electromagnetic energy that is running through it.

  4. Chakra is the Sanskrit term for wheel. The chakras you’re talking about are energy centers mostly along the spine which correspond to important body parts. Qi is a Chinese (no idea what dialect) term for the type of energy that we have within us in terms of spirituality and health. I think they could be seen as related in the sense that they both refer to their culture’s traditional spiritual and healing practices. Narito?

  5. qi(chi) is energy itself that you have around and in u to use,chakra are the focal points in your body where you draw that energy to you to use,its like….the well is the chakra,it holds the water(the energy) and u deep into it when you need the energy,i myself use energy when im nto feeling well for a small healing(reiki)
    blessings to you dear

  6. I’ll just agree with what everybody else posted here and then go on to over-simplify it for you:
    chi/qu – energy
    chakras – gateways into the body for which chi to flow.
    I would recommend asking this same question in a Yoga section of Yahoo answers, as chakras and meridians are a main focus in meditation (it is a focus for us in Tai Chi Chuan as well).


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