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Didn’t 2 Indian scientists prove tachyon particles exist in 1998, using underground caves to catch them?

If the above is true, it proves that Einstein was wrong…something actually does travel faster than the speed of light. And in fact, the speed of light has been proven not to be constant, after all!


  • Purely theoritical.
    they travel with superluminal velocity and have an imaginary mass.
    there was some speculation about tachyons which have real mass…but no concrete fact are there to prove it.

  • I think you are confusing theory and experiment. Underground caves are used to catch neutrino’s a very elusive particle that travels at speeds near,but below the speed of light. I beilieve that the Indian scientist, Ashoke Sen, used string theory to theorize the existence of tachyons in some multidimensional space. Tachyons themselves wouldn’t prove Einstein wrong, since he sort of predicted them. If anything goes faster than the speed of light, it can’t go slower, and it would have an imaginary mass (I think). On the other hand, I don’t think Al would have liked it. But how do we know what the meaning of mass is in 11 or 26 dimensions?

  • In fact, there have been no truly scientific studies that have shown the speed of light to be variable, and no experimental evidence to this day contradicts Einstien’s theories!

    You’re thinking of neutrinos, which are so ghostly that they can pass through millions of miles of solid lead unimpeded, but every once in a while, we can detect them in massive retrofitted mines filled with heavy water and lined with delicate sensors.

    Tachyons are even more difficult to detect, however, we know that we SHOULD have seen them by now, but we haven’t. They are purely theoretical.

  • No.

    Maybe you are thinking of neutrinos instead. Experiments to detect neutrinos are often done in underground caverns.

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