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Did your prayers heal me of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma!?

by tacomadc:

A bit back, somebody here asked people to post if they needed prayers, and they would prayer for them. A lot of people posted that they prayed for me after I said I had a CAT scan coming up to check for non-Hodgkins lymphoma which I had 7 years ago (it is a yearly checkup).
Right when people said they were praying for me I felt an enormous energy and heat rushing through my body, and I got burning hot tears in my eyes, and then afterwards I felt very peaceful.
I was very afraid of my test of course, since I am married with small children and it would be a disaster if it came back.
I just got my test results a couple weeks ago and they were all clear!!! Thank you for your prayers. Does anybody else think it made a difference? I don’t know if my cancer was back or not, but I know what I felt and I know what your concern meant to me. Thank you and God bless. David.

Answer by tebone0315
Glory to God in the Highest!!!!!


  1. I was not one who prayed for you, I did not see the question. Sorry! But praise God to the highest. Share your testimony with everybody that you can. You may be able to offer hope and peace to those who are still battling this disease!

  2. Praise the Lord! I think prayers make a difference.
    I am very happy for you and for your family.
    God is good.

  3. Best of luck to you, here’s wishing you stay well & that God blesses you & your family with a long & healthy life.

  4. Your test results would have been the same whether people had prayed for you or not.
    * * *
    Prayer Does Not Work. Sorry.
    Once again, it’s all in your mind..
    “In a long-awaited comprehensive scientific study on the effects of intercessory prayer on the health and recovery of 1,802 patients undergoing coronary bypass surgery in six different hospitals, prayers offered by strangers had no effect. In fact, contrary to common belief, patients who knew they were being prayed for had a higher rate of post-operative complications such as abnormal heart rhythms, possibly the result of anxiety caused by learning that they were being prayed for and thus their condition was more serious than anticipated.”
    * * *


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