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Did you think Heather should have gone home on Charm School or not?

I think she screwed up by going on and on about the other girls lying and I think she may have stayed if she hadn’t opened her big mouth and shut up when she was ahead. She was making progress. I can’t believe how fake Lacey is now. She’s acting like she’s had this spiritual awakening and recognized her mistakes. Even Sharon knows that it’s all an act. I think Brandi M. may win. Destiny isn’t that bad compared to the others and she didn’t need to improve as much. Lacey is just too fake and I’d be so upset if she won! I know they all want the money but Lacey seems to be the most money hungry left of the three. What do you think?


  1. Heather kept babbling incoherently and I wondered if she needed PMS drugs because she made NO sense! I sooo did not believe her when she blamed her irrationality on not smoking weed everyday because that would have come out a while back. Girlfriend definitely needs some professional help – whether drugs, therapy or both. I like Heather and wanted her to be in the finals, not…
    …Lacey. That manipulative cow. NOBODY believes what she says (“Can I wash the dishes? lol last episode) – even Sharon. She says she’s there to change, but it’s easier for a nice person to pretend to be mean then Lacey to pretend to be nice!
    I’ve always liked Destiney, and want either her on Brandi M to win!
    My 2 cents…

  2. ok, heres the thing… I KNEW hether was gonna go home..like a feeling…but i really didnt want her to. i still wish lacey would get expelled.I think the whole “ALLERGY” thing was so stupid I want destiny to win. . id be happy with either Brandi or Destiney winning, though

  3. i was sorry to see Heather go but she dug her own grave so to speak. i cannot believe Sharon is wasting her time on trying to get Lacy to become “charming” or even dare i say “lady like”! Too me Lacy is all fake and just wants more than 15 minutes of fame and she just makes me nausea. Again lacy is all about the fame because if i recall things correctly in ROL her father was concerned that Bret was going to take her money.
    Destiny or Brandi better win. i will boycott VH1 if Lacy wins and that will be a promise.

  4. I think Heather needed to leave. It seems that she was having a nervous breakdown. I can’t say that I blame her. It would be hard living in a house with all those women. Drama, drama, drama!
    I like Destiny a lot. She doesn’t seem as trashy as some of the other girls that have been on the show. Brandi M has definitely improved. I still don’t trust Lacey and I don’t think any of the judges do either. She is very manipulative and conniving. I hope she doesn’t win either! Hopefully, Destiny or Brandi M will win.
    I think they have only kept Lacey around for all the drama. Drama = good ratings.

  5. I feel bad that Heather left. But I agree with you, maybe if she kept her mouth shut about all the other girls and just focused on her self then she wouldn’t have gone home. And if Lacey wins, I will be soooooo mad! I can’t stand Lacey, she always has some stupid plan to sabotage someone. I think that’s what she did to Heather too. I know Heather dug her own grave, but I think Lacey used that. Lacey knew that all her other allies were gone, and she was all by herself, so the moment that Heather opened her mouth and started all that stuff, Lacey jumped on it and used it in her favor to get Brandi and Destiny on her side. I hope Sharon see right through her!

  6. I think Heather made her own bed. She kept going on and on about the girls… she just had a break down.
    I hope to GOD that Lacey don’t win! She is such a fake! Sharon has to see past that act of hers!
    I like Destiny and Brandi M. I really dont know who I would rather see win it… probably Destiny though. Brandi M has come a long way too.


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