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Did you see G W Bush on TV referring to 'The Dalai Lama Crowd'?

This pig ignorant son of a President hasn’t the least notion that how insulting was his reference to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.and his followers.
You have to earn respect, America.


  1. i did see that. lol people in factories talk like that, not heads of state. what makes me laugh is, he said he’s all for human dignity and freedom. pah! never mind guantanamo and abu ghraib and rendition flights, why is he then planning to veto the senate ban on waterboarding???

  2. The minute I see Bush, I turn the channel, so I am ignorant as to what other nonsense he has been spouting.
    Could you elaborate on your question or send me an e-mail. I think George Bush should be washing the Dalai Lama’s feet.

  3. Why?
    What’s wrong?
    Did he get lost and blurr out there?
    Watching “The mouse love the rice” blindly following “Ben” ?
    Here !
    Have some gold coins for your good deeds.
    Luke 6.39-40,41-45,46-49
    What do you think?

  4. Hell no. Whenever it’s noted that G.W.Bvsh is gonna appear on TV here in London, I’m off down the pub.
    Bvsh is just a red-neck with no manners of culture what-so-ever. If the word cowboy means anything, then it really does sum up this ignorant prat. The sooner he goes the better.
    Pity of it is that the American people, too well mannered to say anything, have got to wait until January 09 following an election for the next President of the USA this November.
    Now for something completely different.
    I have never understood why the Americans should choose a cold month like November for the inauguration of their next King. Why not May or June. Or would that interfear with some other activity such as frog counting day or something?


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