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Did you know there has never been a case actually solved by a psychic?

Check you resources, Never has a criminal case been solved by a medium.Psychics get there power from satan, he tricks them and comes disquised as an angel of light. They are forbidden by the Bible. Did you know the dead are dead they are concious of nothing at all? Ever hear of cold reading? Look it up.


  1. well yeah, that is why there are no legitimate institutions for psychics, because it depends on the individuals beliefs and not cold facts.
    If I told you you will be rich when you are fifty, and you strongly believe this, it might come true, but not because I told you so, but because you had a reason to believe.
    As for satan being disguised as an angel of light, I find this demoralizing to the true angels of light.

  2. You are a very closeminded person. Damn anything that you cannot understand…
    What a horrible attitude…
    In 1979, Brazilian medium Chico Xavier, a renowned spiritual leader in his country, is alleged to have transcribed a statement from a murder victim declaring the innocence of the man convicted of the crime. The letter was accepted as evidence and soon the victim allegedly “testified” through Chico who the actual murderer was – resulting in a man being set free.

  3. Where are your sources? Have you proof? Maybe you are just too sceptical to believe in anything outside your bible. Think outside the box – you might learn something.
    Oh and you are wrong. I’ll see if I can find my sources but I have DEFINATELY read about psychics helping in closing cases.

  4. Please state your source. Where do you get your facts?…Or are you just stating your opinion as if it’s fact?
    And check your own resources if you are going to state something as if it is fact. I’m not doing your research for you.
    I’ll be waiting for your update.


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