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Did you know the rite of baptism is pagan in origin?

Baptism is a common Christian practice; the definition for the word baptism is “a rite of washing with water as a sign of religious purification and consecration.”
The normal tools used in the baptism ritual are. Usually white Candles depending on setting, a cross, an alter, and a baptismal font (the one I was baptized in was wooden with a cross on top) The priest/minister usually blesses the water, and then recites some words depending on the denomination they can vary. The person is usually then considered born again.
The right of baptism STOLEN!
The rite of baptism is of pagan origin.
In ancient history, the Greek historain Plutarch tells us that the rites of
Mithras were being practiced in Cilicia in 67BC.
That is just about 100 years before Christianity started.
In MITHRAISM – There were ceremonies where spiritual purification was believed to come from sprinkling (or like in other brances of Christianity drenching) of the person was baptised with bulls blood or rams blood. This purification meant the person was born again. (also found in eastern idea of spiritual transformation, through “the toungs of fire” or Kundalini and the person is born again or spiritually transformed (this is where the Church gets baptism of the holy spirit from some Christian mystics will say this too)
The faithful called Mithras (REMEMBER, 4000 years ago!) “the Light of the World”, and a symbol of truth, justice, and loyalty. He was mediator between heaven and earth and was a member of a Holy Trinity, In Ancient persian Culture. These people were born again followers of him when baptised. SOUND FAMILIAR.


  1. Water baptism cannot and will not save you of your sins. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is given freely when you believe in Jesus alone for salvation. =)
    John 1:33-34
    “Upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and remaining on him, the same is he which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost.
    And I saw, and bare record that this is the Son of God.”
    Jesus is God and the only way into heaven. Please pray a sincere prayer with all of your heart admitting to Jesus you are a sinner. Have full faith that His blood pays off all of your sins and accept His gift of everlasting life. I pray that God blesses you with peace. Amen.

  2. And once again, God existed long before any pagans, and baptism is an eternal principle that God has instituted – so…..nobody stole anything from the pagans – they just modified it for their own purposes (as did the masons, and everybody else.) God is older than all of you.

    • Rubbish. God is outside of time and space so he can do anything no matter what the other person says. Makes debate pointless. Did god also make the fossil record look like life evolved?

  3. It pays to think beyond one’s prejudice. The Christian rite of Baptism was ‘stolen’ from the Jewish rites of washing. These are mentioned in Jeremiah….oops, about 600 years prior to Mithra…so who is stealing now. Ignorance and prejudice just make you look stupid.

  4. The very premise of this question is false. The real origin of the Christian rite of baptism has its roots in Judaism’s mikvah – a body of water used ceremonially regarding Jewish laws of ritual purity (and conversion to Judaism) since before Christendom even came into existence. Christianity, being a daughter religion of Judaism, merely adopted the mikvah for its rite of baptism.

  5. It is more likely Xianity swiped it from the Jews use of the Mikvah. Lot closer in proximity in time and place. The Xians did that with a lot of Jewish symbols.
    Weekly use of the Mikvah by Jewish men became the baptism of the Xians.
    Matzoh at Passover became the body.
    Wine at Passover became the blood.
    Mizzuzah at the door became a pool of holy water.
    Mizzuzah at the door became the six panel door of the American Xians.
    The yamakah of the Jews became the skull cap of the pope.
    Passover became the Easter Week.
    Then of course you DO have the things the Xians swiped from other faiths.
    The Roman Saturania of the Romans became the “Holiday Season” of the Xians.
    The Roman custom of decorating trees with little masks became the Xians custom of decorating trees during that same season.
    Dec 22, the pagan winter solstice celebration became Dec 25, the birth of Jesus.
    Oh wait, Dec 25th was the birth day of Mithra first, then the Xians swiped it.
    Use of the Norse Evergreen became the Xmas Tree.
    Use of the egg and rabbit, signs of fertility, became symbols of Easter.
    Incense from all over the place.
    The idea of Good (God) and Evil (Devil) is swiped right from Zoroasterism where they had a Good and a Bad god fighting each other, the idea of the opponent concepts of good and evil fighting. They sure did not get that concept from the Jews so probably became know during the Babylonian Exile.
    The idea of a virgin birth came from Mithra and Romulus and Remus (born of a temple virgin).
    The idea of a Son of God with special powers swiped right from Hercules son of Zeus, with super human strength. (A repackage of an old story.)
    Xianity was nothing new, just a repackage of a lot of old stuff.

  6. Baptism is complete immersion or submersion in water, not a mere pouring or sprinkling. This was not for purification or consecration of a person. Nor does it make a person born again. Christian baptism was strictly to show that the person had asked for forgiveness of past sins of which they now recognize as sins, and have dedicated their life to God by following Christ’s example and accepting Jesus as their messiah. The baptism shows you have washed away one life into another. Only those who will rule with Jesus in Heaven as priests and kings (144,000) will be born into spiritual bodies or “born again”. Those who will live under their rule will never be born again into a spiritual body because they will live as humans on earth. This is not pagan.

    • People dont understand this. Its not a purification, or a cleansing or a regeneration like you find in ancient societies. The sumerians are the first known civilization that we know of and they practiced baptism in several forms depending on their god and what the result desired was. But these were cleansing and purification ceremonies . Horus was baptized and states in the Egyptian book of the dead that he was being baptized to be purified. The Messiah called baptism a birth. “Except a man be born of water and The Spirit,he can not enter into the kingdom of heaven”. A birth is how he describes the ritual of baptism. They are very different viewpoints. They are not the same. Trying to say The Messiah and horus are the same is ludicrous. They have two very different explanations for baptism.

  7. Actually the Israelites and early Jews did sprinkle the blood of animals on their alters to consecrate them, they did inherent this tradition from paganism. The Christians did away with animal sacrifices and these Mosaic traditions.
    St. John the Baptist was the first to baptize by water, which was a baptism of redemption (purification). Jesus told His apostles to baptize all nations by the Holy Spirit (consecration). The early Christians used both water and Spirit. It’s the same concept but is very different from paganism. For starters Christians are baptized in Christ’s death in which He became the sacrifice for our sins, pagans are not baptized in Christ’s death. There are also different forms of baptisms that the early Church Fathers recognized which are not a ritual.
    The baptism by Desire is if a person wanted to be baptized, but died before they had the chance to actually be baptized. And the baptism by Blood is if a person died for their beliefs defending Christ (Martyrdom) but were never actually been able to be baptized. The reason why these baptisms were accepted is because the early Christians were under persecution and murdered for their beliefs by pagans. And many of them could not have received the ritual of being baptized by water and Spirit.

  8. everything in christianity is pagan in origin with a superficial veneer of judaism.
    the concept of a man-god sacrificing himself for the redemption of sins, the mystery of transfiguration, original sin, satan and his lake of fire, all of it is pagan.
    the only thing jewish about christianity is the pretense that its founders were jews. there is not a scrap of historical evidence on any of them, including saul of tarsus.

  9. The god of xtianity is not the same as the G-d of Israel. As super bad tim says above it is all paganism. And to worship any other God apart from Hashem the G-d of Israel is idolatry. There are two kinds of people on this beautiful planet of ours that is the Noahide’s of whom we ALL descend and the Jews. Noahides are required to obey 7 Laws, the Jews 613 Laws – the Noahide Laws are in the Torah. We all are accountable to ONE GOD only and certainly not 3 in 1. which is utter pagan nonsense. The Jews are a light unto the World, not deceived xtians, the Jews and only the Jews were called to be this. The Gentiles please Hashem (G-D) by obeying the 7 commandments given to Adam and then Noah. If we observe these 7 commandments and obey Hashem we are Righteous Gentiles and there is absolutely no need for a pagan saviour.

  10. Did any one here know that the early Church would only baptise people after a probation period, usually not less than two years, and then only if the Church were convinced that the aspirant would readily give up his or her life for the faith.
    If that is true, and most reputable scholars would say it is, most Christians today would not even make it through the front door of an early Church. I’d like to think that they would not dare.
    As critical as I am of Christians I have to say that I have met two people in my life who I believe were ‘early-church-type’ Christians. Really loving people, who truly would give up their lives for you … walking talking manifestations of Christ. As far as the rest of them are concerned the less said of them the better.
    Meeting those two people helped me see what a pile of shite the so called church is today. Just a superstrutcure of supposedly Christian memes used for the manipulation of the psyche, but totally alien to the Spirit of Jesus Christ Himself.
    So I’d have to say that Christianity without the life of Christ really is paganism in its purest form.

  11. While it’s probably true that pre-Christian pagans practiced some form of baptism, that does not necessarily prove that Christian baptism is originates in paganism, and in fact, it does not. Jesus Himself endorsed the baptism of believers, as did the Apostle Peter (Matthew 28:19; Acts 2:38) and was baptized by John the Baptist at the beginning of His ministry (Matthew 3:13-17; Mark 1:9-11; Luke 3:21-23). Pre-Christian Jews also practiced a form of baptism. Baptism was practiced by Christians from the very beginning, during the time of the Apostles (see Acts 2:41, 8:36-38, 9:18).

  12. Evin, you are so far out in left field that I’m afraid a search party will have to be sent out to find you. First of all the Jesus character is totally irrelevant considering the fact that he, according to the Bible, was a pathological liar and if that weren’t enough, if he actually was fathered by the Hebrew god then that god as well as Mary were involved in adultery. And that according to the Hebrew god’s own immutable law! Mary and Joseph were legally married you see, before she became impregnated by god which of course makes Jesus the bastard child of the Hebrew god. If you had done any research you would have found that Peter was an imaginary character with no basis in fact. Moreover, no one knows who wrote the gospels, the names that those writings have were given to them by misguided people such as yourself.

  13. It is well documented that new religions adopt the societal practices of a people that they try to convert, there are countless examples. For example, Christmas is a rebranding of the winter solstice celebrations of the shortest day. Also of the Roman celebration of Saturnalia. Your beliefs are your own, but please don’t deny real, actual human history in favour of allegory, fable or dogma.

  14. None of this is new information to me. There are countless times within the Christian texts where, if the texts are taken at face value, God commands and endorses adoption of some pagan ideas and symbols. One example is how John refers to Jesus as Logos in his gospel, a reference to the then-popular belief in the World Soul.
    Saying that their meaning is hollow in Christianity because they came from other ideologies is like saying that it is unreasonable to trust in a scientific fact proven by another member of the scientific community — you don’t have to be the first person to see or do something for it to count. Imagine if we were never allowed to take advice or ideas from each other? The world would be a much dimmer, duller, and quite frankly unenlightened place.


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