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Did you know that when one praises God, evil flees and leaves the scene?

Doesn’t mean they wont come back or await their next attack. That is why one must pray and praise constantly.
It is written in Holy Bible, in Matthew 18:20, Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in their midst.
In Dueteronomy 32:30 declares that “one can rout a thousand and two could rout ten thousand”.
Even the walls of Jericho, fell when God’s people walked around it’s walls shouting hymns of praise.
Imagine what we could do, if we all praised God.
Through the Spirit, the Power and Graces of Praise we can do great things and aid in the battle against evil forces.
There is a spiritual war and battle going on over your soul and what belongs to God. Angles are dying on your behalf.
These are only some of the reasons the Team Spirit of God was created and inspired. To awaken and gather the spirit and the power of praise for God’s team and His players.
Praise God, and allow his blessings to flow and enter in to our midst.


  1. I see what happened during the inquisition then, when people were burned while God was being praised.
    I believe when they burnt the Templars they were chanting hymns.
    I guess God has a biased definition of Evil.
    Did you know that when Islamic terrorists blow themselves up they say ‘Allah hu Akhbar”?

  2. What odd ideas you have. Angels [and demons] do not die.
    ‘When you praise God evil flees’ – wish it were that simple and easy – it isn’t.
    And just what is ‘the team spirit of God’ – doesn’t exist.
    These are all fabrications of your mind. Suggest you study the Bible more.


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