Home Discussion Forum Did you know that when nominal Christians participate in pagan celebrations ?

Did you know that when nominal Christians participate in pagan celebrations ?

They are degrading Jesus. It’s like if they were saying. If Jesus was here today he would participate in all the non-Christian celebrations.


  1. What a load of bullshit.
    I’m sure Jesus could care less about his followers having a good time without his name being attached to it.
    It’s pretty non-Christian to have dinner with a bunch of whores and tax-collectors too.

  2. Did you know that pagans worshiped their false gods in buildings, and christians worship the true God in buildings?
    It’s an abomination. Christians should worship Jesus on the moon. The only place that hasn’t been tainted by the satanic influence of paganism.

  3. I would venture to say that most “nominal” Christians could care less whether or not a holiday they celebrate has its origins in pagan religions. Heck! Even many zealous Christians could care less. They will mostly make excuses for themselves. It reveals what’s in their hearts.

  4. Jesus would have loved the Pagans. He loved Mathew. He loved tax collectors. And Jesus went into the brothels – so if Jesus would do that, then how is it that celebrating Christmas (which originally was a Roman holiday called The Feast of Saturnalia”) is not degrading Jesus? I think you need to bone up on what Jesus did and said, and also, find out what most holidays are – Pagan in origin.
    I think it is more assinine and stupid and a waste of taxpayer money for the government to celebrate Christopher Columbus Day, when Columbus NEVER SET FOOT on the North American Continent – yet he is given full credit for it. In the mean time, we taxpayers pay for government officials to lay around with a day off, while most everyone else has to work on that day. So if you want to B*&ch about something, do it where your pocketbook hurts.

  5. This question is another example of the different Jesus’ being depicted in modern Christianity. There is the Jesus who told parables and helped all of humanity understand what it meant to be close to each other and the divine without having to go through the temple priests. There is also the Jesus who is there to destroy all of the sinners and those sinners happen to be who ever the believer is currently upset with. The shepards, according to the bible, were in the fields attending their flock. It gets cold in Isreal in the winter. Shepards don’t camp out in the fields in the winter there. That means it was most likely lambing season which is the spring. So … I don’t know of any Christian sect that celebrates Jesus’ birth in the spring. All of the celebrations were determined by a Roman Emperor anyway.


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