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Did you know that they've already figured out what god is?

It’s just not politically correct, and the church/governments don’t want to give up their power that they get from the charade called religion?
God is a drug, every religion you look at god is based upon drugs, usually magic mushrooms such as Jesus, Dionysus, Krishna, and Buddha, but sometimes other types of natural drugs as well such as certain types of cacti, and other psychoactive plants such as the ones some of the American Indians use in their ceremonies. It’s all rooted in SHAMANISM and there’s tons of proof right in their own stories and ancient artwork as to what all these tall tales are really all about… Dope
The Eucharist was originally psychoactive plants. The forbidden fruit (we know what kind of plants are forbidden don’t we?) the manna from heaven, the bread of life, the light of lucifer, the fire of prometheus, the burning bush, the apples of Apollo… are all the same thing whether it’s Christian or ancient Greek Myths…. it’s a mushroom, a psychoactive fungus…
The Eucharist was originally psychoactive plants. The forbidden fruit (we know what kind of plants are forbidden don’t we?) the manna from heaven, the bread of life, the light of lucifer, the fire of prometheus, the burning bush, the apples of Apollo… are all the same thing whether it’s Christian or ancient Greek Myths…. it’s a mushroom, a psychoactive fungus…
Miguel, I reccomend reading the book DMT The Spirit Molecule by Dr. Rick Strassman if you’re interested in paranormal phenomena.. it’s all created in people own minds by natural occuring psychoactive chemicals in our brains.

Rick Strassman MD

Alos Miguel, the churches interpretation of the story of Adam and Eve is totally false, it’s a lie just like the tyrannical god in the story lied and told them that they would surely die if they ate of the fruit.
The real god of the story is the serpent, the tree, and the fruit which together create the Caduceus, the ancient symbol of enlightenment which is our symbol for medicine today. The Rx or the PX… The serpent represents the wisdom of the pharmacia, Mushroom Jesus… the people that wrote these stories didn’t worship that tyrannical cruel God of the Old Testament which is basically a Hitler that lied and said he created the world, and controlled the weather, and other natural disasters. They believed the only way you could escape from this evil god was through psychedelic enlightenment or eating the forbidden fruit, the mushroom… You really should study some Christian Gnosticism.


  1. this is a rant
    also it is not scientific in the slightest degree
    the endless circle jerk of other atheists might appease you
    but i am here to tell you
    anyone with any logical sense will see right through this
    when you dont know anything how can you claim to know everything
    that is why atheism is so flawed
    at least believer admit to having faith, you cant even admit that
    therefore we are in the stronger position even scientifically, that is why
    but blinded to it, are they who like to remain ignorant

  2. Manna was an ebible white waffer food the size of a corriander seed, and tasted like honey and the bread of life is the unleavened bread used in the Jewish Passover feasts. I don’t care how hardcore of a stoner you think you maybe; you cannot live on nothing but ‘schrooms for 40 years straight as the Isrealites lived on manna and quail in the wilderness.
    When you come down from whatever you maybe on you can check it for yourself because the truth is bread just means bread; no psychotropics, just bread.

  3. Luke, poor, poor Luke. So angry and deluded.
    They couldn’t prophesy without it. They always either had mushrooms/the little book or marijuana, 9 pounds of flower in the anointing oil.

  4. Well, I don’t know who “they” are, but each of us develops a sense of personal God Control over us, personal God interraction. It unfolds all of our roller coaster ride of life, revealing and or hiding functional truth, depending on what life had programmed for us from before our ride began.
    So, my revelation, may not be the same as yours and vice versa. I believe the traditionalists, fundies, my forefathers and ancestors, yours too…have done their utmost best to attempt to assimilate a functional society with the beliefs passed down to them from their forefathers. I believe each avatar, each person of charachter who communicated their ideas of how things should be, did so in the best interest of society, including governments that got their mits into this organized religion.
    I was discussing with a Baptist deacon today the idea of sacrifice, and I asked him, “Where do you suppose the idea of a “perfect sacrifice” came from? He did not have an answer, and so I began to tell him what I thought.
    Many many years ago, before the great flood, monsters roamed the earth,…..creatures much larger than mankind, than humans….man eating creatures. And when these creatures came into contact with men and women, they desired to eat them and humans sometimes ate the creatures too. God, Creation Energy had made both to compete on earth at that time.
    The remains of these monsters lay in layers of earth referred to as fossil layers and represent the oil we burn in our energy devices to this day, the oil speculators are bidding up beyond normal human expense capability.
    Even in those days, people banded together for safety sake. Strength in numbers was learned early on and many children were attempted. Women died in childbirth often. It was a rough life. No time to learn much reading or writing and such….not when you need meat and you need to stay away from the monsters.
    Sometimes when these creatures or great sicknesses killed beings, the humans wonderred about when that would happen again and they feared for their lives. Sometimes they sacrificed themselves selflessly to protect their groups, their wives, their children.
    Sometimes the creatures, the monsters, seemed to be a little more satisfied than at others and did not return for a while after they ate a human or humans, and these humans began to be regarded as “more worthy” sacrifices than others, because their sacrifices, their lives, seemed to have tamed the appetite of “the gods”….the man eating creatures.
    Later diseases and actual humans hurting other humans were seen in the same regard, as some form of nature putting upon other human nature in some sort of beastly fashion, and the sacrifice stories and sacrifices which mankind had become addicted to from monster times continued.
    People began to wonder, what the perfect blood sacrifice would be like, the sacrifice to end all sacrifice,….and they began to tell stories about such and record their stories and imagine what a future perfect sacrifice would be like. They spread the story that someday there would be a perfect sacrifice and they told this story over and over to each other, so much so that almost everyone knew the story.
    The perfect sacrifice, after all, would be a sacrifice to end all sacrifices, something that would put an end to all sacrifices of life and blood, so that suffering would end. Of course, we both know, that is not what life is supposed to be about.
    Eventually there were these beings who were held up as being and being born to be the sacrifices and their mentors brainwashed their cash cows that they were it….royalty as it were. And the avatars attempted to fit the bills the way they were prophesied to. Crucifixions and all. In spite of imperfections and questions of worthiness, generally, people all wanted life to be better and still do to this day. Some called it a search for “on earth as it is in heaven”, a place where they imagined all of man’s problems would cease to be. A place of Certainty by which all judging could be allowed to be just.
    One such person was Jesus, most written about 2000 years ago. And the story got twisted a little more that if you worshipped him after his death as being a perfect being, as being all of God….(obviously he wasn’t), then you could attain some heaven when others could not…..and that not everyone was doing their best, and that even so..if you worshipped him as perfect, you got into eternal life in heaven.
    And that is where much of mankind has been stuck for nearly 2000 years!
    Make no mistake, mankind has and is and always will continue to do their best!
    Organized religion, even the older ones, have been responsible for many progressions of society and governments, providing common purpose and common meeting places. Nothing in history is possible without these organizations and some of the now heretofore mentioned problems with their doctrines. But these were men doing their bests. These were men from God, just like you and I…men from Creation Energy! Who knows, we may have been on one of those roller coaster rides before this time and have returned to experience this here and now?
    Hi! I am a Forgive Affirmed Spirit and this is what I profess and try to act like.
    Forgive Affirmed Spirit is the belief in a way of life that is a method of grief resolution and functional communication processing involving active listenning, sympathy, empathy and affirmation of shock, denial, anger, guilt, depression, loneliness and hope.
    A Greater Works of communication and action, a way to learn to love your enemies “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you AS IF YOU WERE THEM!”
    And nobody is perfect! NOBODY! We are all judgeable, hopefully in a graceful discerning way!
    Humans judge everything as we are a part of it. Without difference, we have nothing to live for, nothing to witness. Sin is difference, the relative seriousness with regards to law and survival of other beings, is punishable by the courts. The best way to judge is with as much graceful discernment as one can muster in a given moment!
    Life is the question(uncertainty) asked by the exhaling infinitely compacted imagination invention, or no thing, which is completely certain of everything, completely omniscient or all knowing.
    When I die, I believe I will be in a new state, aware of all that is and yet divided into the nature of dust that I am in, whereupon my dust shall fall. My being will remain an infinite part of an infinite being and infinite knowledge without my material human being status of now. So there will be a change.
    But my soul, my passions and discompassions, will move on to infinite places of comfort and challenge. Able to return to this state of uncertainty and free choice illusion for another ride when it is called effectively to do so.
    So that the children of God, the creations of God, .. are actually part in parcel of that God or Creation Energy!
    This life is a roller coaster ride. Enjoy your passion within it and whatever gathering of two or more in Forgive Affirmed Spirit to make it better can garner.
    Healing be unto you and yours and me and mine in
    Forgive Affirmed Spirit


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