Did you know that near death experiences are just the brain shutting down as you die and nothing more?

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It is nothing but the psychedelic drug DMT being released by the pineal gland in massive amounts. How did that get reported last time? Are people so afraid to know the truth that they must silence anyone who speaks it?

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Sirius Bugsy Malone Black

Indeed it’s just a way of coping with the shock of dying

Yes I mind, its not your turn

good to know


Science can’t explain everything but if that’s what you want to believe…then go for it.


well I guess we will all find out …now won”t we


I know. And near death experiences are not even as common as reported. There are cases when one dies, then he/she is resuscitated and remembers nothing. In those cases the brain function shuts down before DMT can be produced, and it’s like turning off a computer or a robot.


yea,my friend has had 2 NDE and he smokes DMT every now and then and he said its the EXACT same feeling and euphoria and intensity as a NDE.


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