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did you know that magic techniques work?

they do! i have a book that teaches magic called modern magic and one of the first rituals called the relaxation ritual is great! it helps me sleep and feel good! i also do tarot card rituals and stoped the pentagram ritual because i found out i was doing it wrong.
any how what are your expirences with magic.?


  1. That is awesome that you are exploring these things and finding them beneficial. I can tell you just started studying magic and are excited about it and I think that’s great. I think you’ll learn a lot more that can help you in every day life.

  2. It works! My experiences with it however are personal. Speaking out on certain subjects just leave other people room to use it against you to devalue and debase your beliefs. I believe in many different forms of it and use most practically and purposefully.
    I do not subscribe to any one religion however, so if I say Blessed be! I don’t feel like that makes me anything other than a person wishing you peace and goodwill! If I say God bless you! Same thing… Nemaste, same… it’s all good. What makes it “Work” however, is for you to come to realize that you are the base and foundation to everything, made in God’s image with all of the abilities and talents of the Christ…. Soul force is quite powerful and manipulation of the forces of nature which are subject to our prompting is nothing new… It is our birthright, Use it wisely!

  3. If they didn’t people would of become bored with them. I think it’s like vodoo. You may not belive in it or be opposed to it bu it dosen’t mean it’s not real.

  4. ,:)~~~~~……I’m happy to say I was born into magic,tarot card so I could speak well enough.I remember one time ,a carpenter stole my mom drill and ladder. my miter was not at all please …she waited the next full moon,she said what he has stolen from he will reap the karma….And then 2 days later in the new paper, .the dude who had stolen my moms stuff had fallen from the latter he had the drill in his hand and it wasn’t all that pretty.and she didn’t mean any harm to him just wanted reap the Kama of stealing.


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