Did you know: I can explain the Fall from Grace?

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somewhat atleast: in the beginning humans had access to all 12-chakras…and 24-DNA templates
Man divided the solar-plexus into two parts: males and female…became he…
god said: go into the darkness dear children…seperate yourself from me, in order that you may search and find the Sun is not whole here, nor there…nor anywhere.
The solar-plexus, was mirrored in female versus male. The Heart-Chakra was deactivated
and no longer served to unify Earth Wind, Water and Fire.
The Native-American prophecy tell us: if you drop the four elements on the ground: not only will the earth die, but surely the Humans will not remember: they are rainbow-Tribe.
Earth spiralled down from 5th dimension Unity to 3rd-dimension…man lost access to the 5 highest chakras,
and became devoid of communication with god via the Rainbow.
and later the Reptialian (serpents) from Orion came in,
Invaded Earth…and create a Matrix-grid over the whole-earth.
Sirians anchored the Dolpins (Male). Pleiadians anchored the cats (female)…
Your thoughts…?

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Rjinswand the Doctor

My thoughts?
Those must be some pretty awesome drugs you’re currently on.

D700 dug

you forgot to mention the lemon curry


Are you mental?

Funky Bird

No; can’t say that I did.
My thoughts? I think you’re a little whacked out, but you’re welcome to believe whatever you like, as long as you don’t bug me.


Are you high?


Prove it….


All your ideas are merely “Poppycock” and I might add “Weird”.


Well, you know… no offense, but I’d have to go with Christianity here.

She Bop

lol… i always delight in your questions that come with ready-made answers… do you really want anyone else’s opinion… anyway, i disagree with you… i am whole, always was and always will be, i didn’t fall, except maybe once while i was putting on my panties… bless you child


This strikes me as an honest attempt at expaining the spiritual evolution of humans. It is entirely possible that this is true.


oops sorry…I was looking for the gardening section


I think you posted in the wrong section.
Beyond that I will not share.
Take care,


Have you been visited by The Hag lately?

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