Did you know anyone can be a Saint?





now adays. We can invoke a plume of magical-Fire
to the crown-chakra from the Great Central Sun, just like it looked like on the disciples.
Haven’t you ever seen those portraits?


  1. Dusty harry I’m not going to report you but that is offensive and a lie. Pope John Paul II the Great was not an enabler of Child Rape. He fought it the best he could. I hate it when people talk about him. Have you no respect for the dead, especially those that are going to be deemed saints? And you tell lies about them? One of the greatest Popes in history is being talked about..

  2. The Catholic church will make just about any enabler of child rapers a saint. JP2 with help from Ratzinger, e.g.
    (here comes another violation notice because someone can’t handle the truth)

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