Did you hear about a near death experience?

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People always mentioned they have seen a bright light, some even
talk about seeing wonderful things that made them feel good.
I never heard anyone telling about going to hell and explaining
what it was like. Why? Only good people have near death experiences?

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I saw a TV show once where somebody claimed to have died and gone to hell, then came back and was scared into Christianity or something. I don’t believe that one either.


overall, near death experiences have absolutely no spiritual significance imo. Its should be fairly obvious and trivial that the brain makes you experience funny things when it is in a traumatic state.
The only thing i find very interesting about this stuff is some reports where it may have been possible that a persons brain recorded events occuring around a person when their brain should have been, essentially, shut off. This would be interesting evidence that perhaps the mind exists in some form outside the brain..and i really wish science would settle this matter once and for all.
It still would not make me a theist by the way. It would jsut be very compelling.
p.s. I did die in my mother’s womb, for at least a week.


I have had one of those near death experiences and I blame it all on the morphine they gave me. Seriously drugs that they are giving you to get through it play a large part in that. Your imagination and what you have been told as a child fills in the blanks.


Just this morning on the news was a story of a woman who shot herself to death, and when she died she was in hell, very moving..i have had several near death experiences is why “i” serve the Lord the day long…HE IS AMAZING……ABOUT page on the site below has literal images of death/satan/8 unclean bacterial spirits of satan now found by Gods science…also much word on His Great Love for His WOMAN/ AND His mighty Sons who protect them…it has begun…
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Question Everythingâ„¢

It’s entirely possible that brainwave activity could still be going on at a level so low that our current medical equipment cannot accurately measure it.


Maybe bad people would rather not recall the experience. But the truth is that the experience people are going through is medical. Blood going to the brain and the fact that we have a built in protection called shock to protect us from the overwhelming event happening to us. I personally went through a near drowning and experienced all of those bright lights and tunnels etc. My reading up on why that happened satisfies me that it is in fact medical .

Pastor Art (((SFECU)))

Yes, and I’ve hear about people spending a few minutes in heaven in a near death experience.
I’ve also heard of one case here someone was in hell for about 23 minutes or so:
This is the story of another lady who spent a few minutes in hell.


so they know that they are going to a right place is how i think of it. and people never see hell because if they are going there, then god doesnt want them to change their ways only because they know where their going, but actually know its at best


You never hear about the negative horrifying nde or the total lack of nde, or nde which doesn’t support the christianized concept of heaven. That doesn’t mean anything except that people generally use nde as “proof” that heaven exists, so of course they only want to talk about positive nde that meet their criteria. People who have negative nde tend to have low self esteem and have a prior belief in the existence of a place of torment. People who have positive nde have a prior belief in an afterlife where they meet loved ones. Out of 62 people in one study only 18% actually had an nde. The other 82% reported nothing at all.


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