Home Discussion Forum did you ever think how crazy astral projection is?

did you ever think how crazy astral projection is?

its so weird when you think about it and its real. it’s strange because i used to think about if this life was all it was i never imagined that a whole brightly coloured imaginative humongous existence was there also
anyone else gobsmacked that the astral world exists..or is the astral dimensions of our minds?.. it’s still really bizzare if it is our minds though ha


  1. Yes, but then I think wearing socks with sandals is pretty odd.
    If people want to do it, and it makes them happy, then I’m fine with that. I don’t know that I’d try doing it, but that’s just me being picky.

  2. Right , now read this Ipasted from research of correct bible translation
    We, – here upon this earth were born spirit children to our mothers IN heaven. After much time there, a plan was presented whereby we could come and get a mortal body. See Job 38:1-7; Isaiah 14:12-15; Revelation 12:7-9. Then a garden was prepared in Eden and A COLONY OF “THE GODS” came down to start the human race here. “MICHAEL” was at the head, or president, but all who came here were called “ADAM,”
    So we should all be able to do this .

  3. It’s a fascinating concept to me, more than it is crazy. I think this goes with the ghost-believing territory. If you don’t believe in ghosts, it’s unlikely you’ll believe in something like this and visa-versa.
    I for one believe because of some incidents that have happened to my family over the years. Your family would have not had the same experiences so it’s understandable if you think it’s crazy. I don’t judge.

  4. Best guess at the moment is that it is caused by DMT and other compounds in the brain produced in the pineal gland. Dreams of flying are common in all people; some people just put more significance on them or have more vivid experiences.

  5. Scientists on this 3D world think they understand *reality*, but in fact there are limitless *realities*, almost all beyond the ability of our 3D attuned physical senses to perceive, and until science understands that it*s limited perception and desire to subject everything to it*s 3D tests (something that quantum physics is now blowing their minds about), otherwise believing those things are false, it will progress little further..The finite simply cannot understand the infinite!
    Man is muliti-dimensional, as you know and, yes, there are countless different levels of beautiful *reality* in the multiverse, all waiting to be explored when we and our world finally return to our full consciousness level of 5D in 2012, a process which began in 1987 and is happening NOW, which is the reason why TIME itself is now changing, seeming to speed by ever faster, for in 5D, we will experience TIME differently, with past, present and future merging into NOW!..
    You KNOW that the physical body that you see in your mirror each day is NOT just who you are!..Science still disgrees, even when people who have been operated on under anaesthetic, descibe in great detail, seen from above, EVERYTHING that occurred in the operating theatre during that operation after they wake up!..
    So some doctors are now placing *secret* objects on high shelves in those operating theatres in a place which cannot be seen from ground level, to try to prove or disprove the fact that when we are unconscious, it is just that our REAL spiritual self has vacated it*s physical shell and moves and is aware independently from it!..That*s why we dont register the pain involved until we return to the body and wake up..
    There is little that is more ugly than seeing a closed mind in action!

  6. i cannot tell you what to believe….but i most certainly will not be rude like most ppl are being on here.
    if you want to know my story…..then yes……..it is real. cuz i have done it 5 or 6 times now and i feel that i’m finally starting to get the hang of it some. it is hard to do but it most certainly is 100% amazing……most ppl are downing you on this because either they aren’t able to do it themselves or they can’t see past their own religion because they refuse to give other things a chance….and i don’t want to offend anyone by saying that but its true.
    but yes…..i feel the same sensations when i astral project, static, voices buzzing. its not like a dream cuz it feels like you are REALLY there!!! i mean i have had plenty of dreams where i seriously feel like i’m there……but with astral projection…i just know its different. i astral projected to my kitchen once. literally rolled out of my body, laid on the astral floor for a minute, got up and started hovering, (which freaked me out) . then i realized that i coudln’t talk or open my mouth up there. also a little cool but freaky…….and then i just floated all the way down to my kitchen with everything a little bit different. but it was still freaking sweet. 😀
    i cannot say for sure if anything is real or not….cuz noone knows…..i can say i think its real but i’m not gonna have it written in stone because there is so much more out there that i’m unaware of. so….for now i think it’s real cuz i have done it alot now but as for others…they can believe what they want 🙂


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