Home Discussion Forum Did you ever have a strong faith in God, then is disappeared...?

Did you ever have a strong faith in God, then is disappeared…?

…for years… and you’re still waiting for it to come back with the strength it once was? Does life seem to have changed so much that now it seems like your faith will never be the same, and now the faith is just robotic or ritualistic and you long for a deeper spiritual awakening? Lately I feel like this… but I do believe in God and my religion. Just longing for that spiritual jolt.
Thank Poki Poki… i think i will do that! 🙂 Salam Brother.


  1. This happened to my brother, but not sure was caused it….I believe that he is now feeling the presence much stronger again now…..when i need that power i usually do a power dance (much like that of David in the Bible) for God in worship of him and call on the holy spirit to come and inspire me and it is all done in the name of Jesus. It completely fills me with new and holy energy to fulfill my day.

  2. i believe that you are a Muslim if not i m sorry but as a Muslim you should know the five pillar of Islam and one of the pillar stated that ………………………………

  3. stop spending time more than you should on this category!! with all the talk and arguments that go on inhere One can easily lose his/her faith!!
    i never took religion to the extreme any way but i strongly believe in god and in my religion.
    take a break from Yahoo brother!! you need a break i know exactly what you r going through!!!
    peace 😉

  4. God with us, so close to us, Emmanuel.
    God never leaves nor forsakes us any moment of our lifes even when we sin and shy away from his throne of grace and mercy , he always wants us to come back to me and be the people of his pasture and him always our father in heaven.

  5. you ask for guidance that you will be enlightened and ask HIM to strengthen your faith. things changed and people change, eveything chage. few years from now something my come in our way that we do not expect, it may be bad or good. we cannot lean on to anyoe else but HIM.never doubt HIM for whtever reason. just pray, talk to HIM.

  6. The fear [reverence] of the Lord will keep you from evil [disbelief].
    Faith in Jesus as your Lord and Savior is simply a choice. It is a choice that involves a daily walk. Sometimes you may not feel like it, but it is not about feelings…it’s about choice. Believers are being prepared through sanctification to positions of great importance in the heirarchy of heaven. The “boot camp” for this service is not always easy. We are children of the Almighty, who has plans for us, as He does now. He is working all around you…maybe you should be in prayer, and seek out that work, and join Him.
    To persevere through the times your going through brings more faith…and the faith that you seek starts with your choice, but is given to you by Christ, and not from yourself. Perhaps you should get on your knees and humbly request more faith.
    I wish you well.

  7. I was raised Catholic. Went to Catholic school 4-12 grade. I got an F in religion class my senior year because I refused to read the bible and flunked all the tests. I left God. Things got so bad that when I was 19 I told God to go to hell. I thought I was in control of my life. Do what I want, go where I want. I attempted suicide 3 times. The last time was almost 4 yrs ago. I had my parents take my 7 yr old son telling them I was having seere migraines and just needed to sleep. Went home swallowed 24 pills (anything I had in the house) and laid in bed. I told God to just let me go. I woke up 26 hours later. It took me a minute to realize I was still alive. I sat up in bed and cried. At first I thought I was crying because I was alive. I was. I was crying a thankful cry to God for saving me. I told my doctor the next day and he said I should have died. He even did EKG on my heart. It was weak but pumping. I started talking to God every day. Sometimes all day long. Even in my car, people thought I was nuts. I talked about God to friends and family. I read the bible every day, I read other books on my Catholic faith, I went to church. ten months later I decided to go to confession. It was probably the longest confession that priest ever heard. I cried and cried. The priest held my hands and looked my straight in the eye and said “God never left you. He was sad to see you leave Him but now His heart is full of joy that His daughter is back.”
    Life has been great since. There are bad times but I talk to God and I pull thru it. Some people might say that I can control myself and my life without a God. I can talk myself into depression or into a great happy self confident feeling. I can’t without God. I personally know that. For 15 yrs I left God. I hated Him!!!!!!!!!!!! Sadly I had to hit rock bottom first but I lived thru it. My parents, friends, my own son, the 6 counselors and 3 psychiatrists did help me. I tried, believe me, I tried every resource I knew of. But no person could help me. God did!! Thank God!! I don’t pray like say the Our Father and stuff except in church. I talk to Him like I am talking to you right now. But remember this, you might a fast response from Him. He will answer your prays in His own time. He will give you what you need, not want, when He feels is the right time for you to have it. Be patient! Good luck!

  8. I think it’s time for you to look inside to see how you’ve been living life for the last 2 years or so … are you involved in anything that you think God does not approve of or things you think other fellow christians will strongly disagree with that you are doing. have you become totally dependent on your abilities instead of God ?
    what is your sex life , marital life , divorced life , single life look like? what is your attitidude towards God over your unanswered prayers ? are you discouraged, impatient or giving up hope ?
    That personal relationship you’re looking for can’t be achieved without having faith and making sure you daily life is in accord to what God calls you for……….
    Hope that was helpful……… I ‘ll pray for ya whoever you are …

  9. it happens with everyone. when i sign off from YA! i usually am very sad and disheartened becoz of the impolite way and cussings and bad mouthings. but again i make myself strong by praying.
    and never doubt in Allah, never do that. have faith in Him and Inshaallah He will guide u. when u are down pray, thats the best remedy. ask God to make ur willpower strong and make u steadfast and determined.
    and i will give a personal advice, always stand up for what u beleive, never give up trying. never let the inner compulsion dry out for that is the driving force in each one of us. pray and u will get back to normal. its better u leave YA! now and take ur Quran and start reading it. or if it is time for prayer, then u better leave.


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