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Did Wicca come from Thelema?

I have seen arguements suggesting it did and some saying no.
Did Wicca, or part of it, come from Thelema or did Wicca and Thelema both borrow from the same thing?
What parts were borrowed fromThelema


  1. Early Wicca borrowed from anything that didn’t run fast enough, including Thelema, but both Wicca and Thelema sprang from the occult revival of the late nineteenth century.

  2. Geezah’s right. Gerald Gardener was influenced slightly by Aliester Crowley, I doubt there is much in wicca that can relate to thelema, except for maybe some rituals and the practice of magick. Also, remember that Gerald Gardner only popularised wicca, and its traditions can be traced to paleolithic times. He pretty much only made his own denomenation, if that’s what you want to call it.


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