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DID U KNOW that there is both male & female energy in us & v must balance both?

according to hindu philosophy v have both male & female energy in us , same as ying & yang , male energy represents more achieving tendencies & female energy represents caring & recognition type,male has normally dominant male energy , so to balance it he can do it through yoga,meditation,tai chi, zen gardening etc
females have dominantly more female energy which is more for security,so they have to learn to balance it by yoga, meditation, martial atrs(aiki jujutsu)etc
or both of them can do kundalini pranayama(ancient indian breathing excercise)

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  1. Yes, I am aware, I think that’s pretty funny when people try to say we are all one way or another. did you know that there is less than ONE percent genetic difference between M & F? that means we are all 99 percent alike.(btw, it’s actually “Yin” not Ying.)

  2. Yes I am aware of that. Are you posting this here to suggest that these energies are reflected in our physical emotional and mental selves and define us as homosexual if they were imbalanced? Or was this just to show to the world that we all have male and female in us?


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