Home Discussion Forum Did u enter ur religion/spiritual path with expectations?

Did u enter ur religion/spiritual path with expectations?

If one does so, isn’t there a danger of dissillusionment when things don’t go the way of expectation. Plus isn’t that approaching religion with the ego which is our real enemy in this world anyway. Expectations can lead to a fall at the first hurdle. Your humble opinions please. Thanks. Wasallam (peace).


  1. What I expect out of Islam is to be able to find spiritual fulfillment, and the ability to regain it if I ever fall of the path. I do not think there is any danger of disillusionment in this. Then again, I do not follow Islam blindly. I question the hadith that I feel are shady, I contemplate Quranic concepts and try to figure how it applies to my life and current situations, I don’t just take the rational of a scholar who I have never met as being correct.

  2. salam,
    I wanted to become a virgin again so i joined islam and now forgiven for my sins i made in the past, so now i will tell my new husband i am virgin and he make marriage on me

  3. How can anyone expect anything other than be hopeful for the Mercy, the pleasure, the ecceptance, the blessings, the love of Allah(SWT). To be rightly guided is to be, and to accept your fait good, or bad, and the complete trust in Allah(SWT) is what Eman (faith) is all about. Wa Allahu Alem.


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