Did the wonderful Doreen Valiente help write the Gardenian Book of shadows?





And if so…
does every Gardenian coven have a copy of the original?
Rest in Peace dear Doreen ='(


  1. Yes actually, she and several other helped in the creation of the Gardnerian Book of Shadows. This is partly becaue Gardner had little gift for poetic form when writing some of the material. Compare the original Charge of the Goddess with the verse charge frome the book. Gardner wrote the orignial, where Valiente wrote the verse version of it. The writing style is completely different.
    Others also helped in the creation and writing of the book, including Patricia Crowther and Aleister Crowley. Crowley helped in the writing some of the rituals through correspondence with Gardner. Though the two had only met a couple times, they send letters to each other regarding the rituals, partly because of Crowley’s gift for ritual and poetry writing. Patricia Crowther was originally Gardner’s high priestess, and was later replaced by Valiente. Gerald Gardner was introduced to Crowley through Patricia’s husband Arnold.
    If you do not have a copy of it, the public version of the Gardnerian Book of Shadows can be found here:
    Lord AmonRaHa

  2. Its generally accepted that Valiente helped to write the early Wiccan material. Minimally she re-wrote a lot of Gardner’s early drafts, making things more poetic and removing a lot of the Aliester Crowley influences. What exactly is and is not in a Gardnerian BoS is unknown to anyone not initiated, so I can’t say how much of her work is in there. Also, it is my understanding that things do change in a BoS over time, so the BoS of 1960 probably looks somewhat different than one from today. This is all hearsay and conjecture, however, as I am not a Gardnerian.

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