Did the salem witch hunt happen partly b/c men needed a blame to hide their sexual immorality?





17th century european history help please.
If you can also help to relate this idea to religion in New England/Middle colonial times.
Thank you sooo much!


  1. My understanding is that sexuality had very little or nothing to do with the Salem witch hunt. A lot of people were accused of being witches or practising witchcraft without proof for various reasons. Some of it was simply one person trying to take out the competition (e.g. a rival farmer). There are several websites with information on the Salem witch trials.

  2. It was a time when women were the medical care givers in the community and socially men decided that was a male dominated role for some reason. They hunted down women who took care of the community and tagged them witches, evil in some way. Witches were quite revered and needed before this bigotry and sexism in a violent way happened.
    17th century europe- sex was very open and people were slutty. STD’s were a major cause of what people term “crazy” but it was mental illness from the body suffering from infections.

  3. 1. It is not 17th century European history, it’s Coloniol American history.
    2. It had very little to do with sexual immorality. It was associated with Puritan culture.
    3. You need to pay attention in class, read your text book, review your notes, whatever you need to do to understand the subject because as of now you’re way off base.

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