• yes, they DID attempt to keep it a secret fearing a backlash from the religious right they put him in office.

    as they discovered, they needn’t have worried. if there’s one thing for which american christian fundamentalists can be counted on, it’s to renounce (or at least ignore) their own religious convictions when it would mean being forced to criticize a republican politician. the backlash that the ray-guns feared never materialized.

    as you can see from the religious right’s reaction to the scandals of ted haggard, mark sanford, john ensign, larry craig, and jack ryan; biblical morality is something they merely need to impose upon the rest of america. they’re free to ignore it in their own lives.

    interest in the occult may or may not have been a mainstream republican thing back then, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to learn that the sudden increase in the number of child disappearances through the 1980’s was because republican politicians were kidnapping them and using them as sacrifices in the demonic rituals they probably perform to secure lucifer’s blessing and protection for their nefarious plans.

  • I don’t know about all that, but the country was a better place for having had him as its president.

  • Better do your homework. Only Nancy was interested in astrology. Kind of like Bill being interested in interns! Just something to pass the time.

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