Home Discussion Forum Did the Jews bring cabala witchcraft to Israel from ancient Egypt?

Did the Jews bring cabala witchcraft to Israel from ancient Egypt?

I’ve heard it said that Cabala witchcraft is what the Illuminated masons use to run the Mafia / NWO and enslave society? Does anyone have any impute?


  1. This could possibly be the most insanely stupid post I have ever read.
    The thought that you might be allowed to walk about unattended is frightening.

  2. Witchcraft has nothing to do with cabala.
    Witches just want to be left alone you silly fool. We are more interested in nature and gaining wisdom through learning, than with petty society crap. We don’t want to be in contol of anyone. We have enough to do on our own, without other people getting in our way.

  3. cabala is not witchcraft.
    It is a universal knowledge passed on from generation to generation to chosen sages, now avaiable to the whole world.
    But any person who learned the kabbahlistic tools, was able to use them for their own benefit. And in ancient Egypt, it was used for greed.
    But this knowledge comes from the Creator, so there is such thing as karma, so in time, anyone using the Tools for greed, had to pay eventually.
    Now, yes, the masons are thought to have found the source of Kabbalah, the book of the Zohar, but the book can’t be used to enslave societies. They had their own agenda, wealth and power way before they supposedly found the Zohar.
    So no on two counts, not witchcraft, not used to enslave.

  4. This is one of the crazier questions I’ve seen in a long time. Since I do not follow Wicca or the craft, I’ll not answer to that part of the question, but will star for others.
    As for Kabbalah, it’s Jewish mysticism. You cannot understand Kabbalah without a firm understanding of Torah and those Hollywood idiots that claim that Kabbalah is a religion or not Jewish are kidding themselves and getting fleeced as well.
    Kabbalah is the philosophy to the Torah’s laws.

  5. Oh yes, definitely.
    If you’re going to try to be funny and/or blatantly stupid, try using a dictionary. It’s spelled ‘Kabbalah’.

  6. The Masons have nothing to do with Judaism except on NeoNazi sites & pre-Nazi books.
    They were linked together in a giant scheme to rule the world in the FAKE antisemitic book “protocol of the elders” written at request of the Czar to paint Jews evil, with the plot stolen from a French book that had nothing to do with either group.
    How you added Mafia Italians, I don’t know.
    NWO is the latest giant conspiracy neonazi concept that picks on a few groups including Jews.

  7. answer: try again. Nothing about kabbalah remotely resembles Egyptian paganism.
    Kabbalah is the study of the Torah through Jewish mysticism. It first surfaced after the destruction of the Second Temple, LONG after Exodus.
    Your conspiracy theories are lame and someone is laughing their a## off that you’ve fallen for it.

  8. Yeah, witchcraft is not related to the Kabbalah. Even the pagan interpretations of the Kabbalah couldn’t be considered witchcraft.


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