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Did the Charmed Ones/Charmed Sisters not believe in God?

I love that show, but recently I am conflicted about wicca and paganism. Being a huge fan, I recently ordered an exact replica of the book of shadows (from the show) just for a sovenier. I am a Christian and I guess that my question is….. did I totally do the wrong thing by getting the book?


  1. Omg!! The book disagrees with a certain aspect of your religion! Look out!
    Please for the love of your God enjoy art without the whole guilt trip crap.

  2. A fictional magic book from a show about three fictional witches (or whatever they call themselves). Doesn’t sound too heretic to me, though I’m not a Christian.

      • Christian witches follow after false traditions. If they truly believe in God they will believe in His Word and His Word tells us witchcraft is a sin. Nowadays many who call themselves Christian are following after their own desires instead of that of God. They live as they please. Revelation tells us of a time like this, as do many other parts of the Bible. They worship God with their mouth only, but not their hearts.

  3. That is a fictional show and a fictional book of shadows. It has virtually nothing to do with Wicca or Paganism. The spells are not real spells…they are just silly rhymes.
    It is a show and as long as you can separate the show from reality then having a book is not going to change you…it’s like a souviner.

    • I guess you’ve not looked in a spell book despite your username? As it’s only with research did I find out spells don’t have to rhyme as they sometimes do in spell books I’ve come across. At the least they’re still poetic

  4. Charmed has about as much to do with the practice of Wicca as the Tooth Fairy does with the practice of dentistry. In other words, pretty much nothing.
    You didn’t do anything “wrong” by getting the book, at least in my opinion — it’s a piece of puffery based on a popular entertainment — but if you’re looking to learn about Wicca, boy, did you pick the wrong horse. You’d find much better book suggestions here, if you’re so inclined:
    (And reading about something doesn’t mean converting to it; it just means that you’re learning, and learning is a good thing.)

  5. i don’t think you did the wrong thing it is just a book from a show and it’s not like you worship it or nothing and i think they did believe in God even though it wasn’t talked about in the show their mom and grandmother wasn’t just sitting around in the air and plus they also addressed hell as you could see so i think the did believe in God.
    but i think only the creator know the real answer

  6. … Charmed and Wicca have absolutely NO similarities. The “Charmed” ones are a bunch of airheads who inspire impressionable little girls to make us real Wiccans look bad.
    Do what you want- your own opinion is much more important to you than that of the writers of a book of mythology.

  7. NO WAY as a Pagan or Christian we all belive in the creator of this earth so there is nothing wrong with having the book I am sure most of us have a bible in our houses I do

  8. Hun, its a TV show. Who cares what religion it represented? As a Christian you can still look at non-Christians and their stuff. You won’t burst into flames, I promise.
    Charmed threw the term “Wicca” around very randomly. They never portrayed the Charmed Ones as even slightly Wiccan. In fact, the only Wiccan thing about them to my knowledge is that they have a book they call a “Book of Shadows.” That’s a Wiccan term. But that name is where the similarity ends. Nothing they do or believe bears any resemblance to Wicca.
    At least one of the sisters regularly wore a Christian cross…which pretty much says she’s a Christian, not a Wiccan. Like I said, though, I don’t see how the religion of the characters matter. It’s fiction.

  9. I think we have to look at the book and the show differently. There are so many things that the show changed and changed and changed from the book. In the show, the girls were religious, but after they found they were witches, they didn’t go to church. The show didn’t really get much into the Wicca aspects after they forced Constance out as head writer.

  10. Books of Shadows are real. And there are Christian Witches I know one. I am Wiccan myself and anyone who believes witches are evil all I have to say to you is WAAAOW! There is nothing wrong with being a Witch as long and your not using your abilities for harming others as the Wiccan Rede says “An Ye Harm None Do As Ye Will”
    And plus the book you got IS a replica I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT IT IS EMPOWERED TO DO ANY WORKS!!!!
    As for the Charmed ones, yes I BELIEVE they ma have been A
    little mix of both Wicca and Christianity. But really what does it
    matter? It’s not like your going to go to hell for buying a replica or doing a little magick.

    • I agree with you! And, there are in fact Christian witches or Christian Pagand, also called Christo-Pagan. I remember them being referenced in a book on Wicca or Witchcraft as a teen. And, there are hints at the Haliwell’s possibly believing in “God” in even the first season (I started from the beginning in 2018 because I’d never seen all the episodes) but they’re also Wiccan. Literally hinted at in the very first episode “Something Wicca This Way Comes” and also the use of a Book of Shadows. Most people think people are stupid enough to believe what they’re doing is literal actual Wicca and look down on those that discover actual Wicca by researching it because of the show. I became interested in Wicca as a teen because of the movie The Craft but it was just a jumping point to learning about actual Wicca or Witchcraft which isn’t an unfathomable possibility that movies and shows featuring witches could lead to the discovery of actual Wicca or Witchcraft.

    • Lol I definitely consider myself one too because I have followed both growing up. Guess which one I’ve had to lie about to family…Now I’m like, nope. Not changing myself for other’s sanctimonious perceptions.

  11. Spoiler
    I’m re-watching this now in 2018 because I’ve never seen all the episodes and am only on season one but there’s evidence in this season even that some or all believe in “God”. Season 1 episode 18 Pheobe tells Prue “You know, if you’re ever gonna lose a guy, it might as well be to the big guy”, they’re in a church even and she’s likely referencing “God” with “the big guy”. In some sense at least Pheobe believes in “God”. Not to mention the episode about Friday the 13th where Piper is looking at necklaces that which many were crosses or had crosses on them, not ankhs but stereotypical Christian crosses. There’s other instances too like when Piper was afraid to enter the church after becoming a witch, why else would she be worried about something like that?


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